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How to engage Real Estate customers and shorten the sales cycle?
Buying a property is a tiresome and time-consuming process. Traditional approaches in real estate sales have to be transformed with the emphasis on technological advancements and agile approach. Every interaction with a client has to be customized based on his needs. 
31 August 2020
VR Trends Digest #3
We have gathered a couple of exciting things for today's reading. Find out about the top-notch air-handwriting tool by Arizona State University, the opportunity to create your own games in virtual reality introduced by Media Molecule, learn more about how Mercedes-Benz uses immersive technologies to save costs and speed up the launch of new models. Enjoy the blog!
25 August 2020
How Virtual Reality is transforming the Healthcare industry?
To defy constantly emerging health threats, Healthcare 4.0 is evolving now, and VR takes an integral part in this process. That’s why let us delve deeper into the information about how healthcare professionals and patients apply the advanced technology in treating chronic disease and providing first aid.
13 August 2020
VR Trends Digest #4
As summer came to an end, the VR industry makes a fresh start into fall 2020. Let us hope that a new Oculus VR headset will increase the VR penetration in our daily life becoming more affordable and technologically advanced. The market is ready to work with 3D information as it is more user-friendly and convenient, the question when the VR manufacturing companies can reach economies of scale and an HMD will find its place in every household. 
09 August 2020
Virtual Reality for business. Market Research
Immersive technologies have experienced massive growth from a geek audience to the mass market. Why does this happen? We try to provide answers in our market research covering the usage of VR/AR technologies in business.
22 July 2020
Summer'20 release of Field Service Lightning
Let's recap the Summer'20 released features of Salesforce Field Service Lightning. A small spoiler. We will go into such features as Optimization Insights, Count Work Rule type, and Opportunity to track Team's Expenses. All these features enable your dispatchers and field workforce to provide even more efficient services.
20 July 2020
Virtual reality CRM for Real Estate
One of the compelling reasons why to shift to VR in Real Estate is that realtors have more time to work with buyers who have already found the property they like. Our new post provides insights into the co-op of CRM and VR technologies in the Real Estate business.
16 July 2020
VR Trends Digest #2
Today's digest provides insights into the latest Virtual Reality trends and covers such topics as Facebook's discontinuing the Oculus Go project, the announcement of VR devices by Apple, VR controlled robots for the new shopping experience, and a whole lot more. Enjoy the reading!
14 July 2020
VR/AR in Architecture, Design and Real Estate
The report provides examples of new use cases in the industries when companies embrace VR/AR. If you need to convince the executive board to lay a foundation for a change and invest in advanced technologies, dive right in.
10 July 2020
Marketing Cloud Connect: How to successfully integrate Salesforce CRM with Marketing Cloud
Marketing Cloud Connect enables integration between Salesforce Sales or Service Cloud ...
05 July 2020
VR Trends Digest #1
We've prepared a quick overview of the most relevant news in the immersive technology industry, Virtual Reality. In this blog post, you will find out details on the exciting projects, as we see them. Virti's solution for healthcare, a new VR Concept.20 release, and launch of the VIVE XR Suite, an integrated application bundle for business and social needs.
26 June 2020
How the Coronavirus Pandemic is Affecting Parking
Parking management is an integral part of public services ensuring road safety and access to goods and services. During the COVID-19 outbreak, it is becoming even more important because of people’s propensity to prefer
06 June 2020