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How to start working with Structure Sensor. FieldXR project part 1
There are lots of Field Service Management solutions nowadays. Field technicians need to collect, analyze information from field and solve the problem in the shortest time possible. The FieldXR project is a brand-new FSL addon that surpasses your expectations, handling the tasks above and providing broad visualization features.
17 March 2021
Field Service Winter 21 update
The Winter ’21 release brought a lot of valuable features to Salesforce. They are related to different parts of the system including Sales and Service Cloud,, Analytics, Mobile, Marketing, and others. New features bring great solutions in enhancing business productivity. 
11 March 2021
How to choose a Salesforce Implementation Partner
Choosing a Salesforce implementation partner is always a complex process and a crucial part of any project. Many companies don’t pay enough attention to this issue and result in unexpected and disappointing situations. Businesses have to deal with a big number of partners without the necessary knowledge and expertise. 
04 March 2021
Smart Workspace application by JET BI
It is not a secret that COVID-19 pandemia has made significant influence to human life. Working from home became popular due to safe environment and quarantine limitations. To decrease office expenses a large number of companies prefer to move from huge offices to smaller one and organize on-demand workspaces there.
25 February 2021
Main features of Marketing Cloud
Marketing Cloud helps marketers understand their customers, engage with them and track their journeys. Whether it can be a post, link, quote, or content engagement - Marketing Сloud sheds light on customer's profile for a better understanding of behavioral and demographic details which help turn interactions into sales. 
23 February 2021
Few things you should know about Salesforce Data Migration
In 2021, many businesses require a more detailed approach to the sales and customer retention process. Sometimes businesses stand on the stage when scalability is essential. However, many managers deny this possibility because of the fact that all the data and many years of experience will be properly transferred to new systems. Data migration is one of the most important steps that ensures a complete process of data transfer from one platform to another.
11 February 2021
Top 5 Salesforce Integration Tools
Salesforce integration tools help share data kept in CRM with other systems. It means that any person in the organization and even non-Salesforce users can have access to the information. And just like that, it enables a deeper engagement with customers’ needs and requirements.
09 February 2021
Get all VR HARDWARE you need for FREE
Fuel your Real Estate sales with a virtual reality solution and Salesforce integration. If you doubt digital transformation costs, do not miss a chance to get a custom VR solution with all the equipment you need to start a new digital sales channel now. 
04 February 2021
How Custom App Development Can Benefit Your Organization
According to Statistica, worldwide IT spending on enterprise software is expected to grow by 7.2% to $492 billion. With the increase of money being allocated to software development, it’s safe to say that more businesses are seeing the value of enterprise software for scalability.
02 February 2021
Why use parking solutions in 2021
According to The Smart Parking Market Report 2019 $3.8B will be spent on Smart Parking Solutions by 2023. These numbers are based on growing smart parking adoption across all regions and the analysis of distinct technological subsets of the smart parking market: the sensors, smart meters, digital signage, navigation, and smart payment platforms.
20 January 2021
Pattern Matching Web Service for image recognition
This blog provides notes about the solution for image recognition. Usability case - upload photos from some source (Instagram, etc.), find some logo in all of these photos and output data sent to salesforce, do some data processing there. The next step is to give this data to the client.
19 January 2021
Tableau Integration: choose the right tool to integrate with Tableau
Tableau is a visual analytics platform empowering people and organizations to see, explore, manage data, and faster to discover and share insights based on it.
14 January 2021