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5 motivating CRM advantages
To find a new customer is often even easier than to keep the old one. What if the customer journey is ambiguous? What if the negligent manager did not talk to the customer, ignored all the wishes and did not record any feedback?
01 June 2017
Salesforce: Pros and Cons of choosing CRM for a successful business
Salesforce is an application development platform that allows development and deployment of custom business applications that can be configured and customized in different ways.
17 March 2017
5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Salesforce Consulting Partner
Once you`ve implemented Salesforce, opting for a specific Salesforce Consulting Partner can seem like a huge challenge.
28 February 2017
Visualforce reportChart Component
This component is used to add Salesforce report charts to a Visualforce page. There is an option for data filtering in case you want to see specific results.
27 January 2017
Guide for Universal Table CMP users
Universal table is a component for, which allows creating a multi-function table with many useful features easily.
27 January 2017
Passing ISTQB: step by step guide
The International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) is a software testing certification organization that operates internationally.
12 January 2017
How your business can use competitive advantages with JET BI
Advantage solution by JET BI is a product necessary for CEOs, analysts, and sales departments. Advantage can be put to good effect in any business sector: Sales, Banking, Insurance, Industry and Public Health.
20 December 2016
Passing Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I: step by step guide
You may have heard about new Salesforce certifications. If you are curious about what is coming, I will break down the details.
14 November 2016
Visualforce actionPoller Component
A timer that sends an AJAX request to the server according to the time interval that you specify. Each request can result in a full or partial page update. This component is an alternative to using setInterval (js).
24 March 2016
Visualforce actionFunction Component
ActionFunction is a component, which provides support for invoking controller action methods directly from JavaScript code with the use of AJAX request.
11 May 2015