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Why use parking solutions in 2021

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20 January 2021

According to The Smart Parking Market Report 2019 $3.8B will be spent on Smart Parking Solutions by 2023. These numbers are based on growing smart parking adoption across all regions and the analysis of distinct technological subsets of the smart parking market: the sensors, smart meters, digital signage, navigation, and smart payment platforms. The penetration rate of “smart” parking spaces in the public domain (on-street and off-street) reached 11% in 2018 and is expected to reach 16% by 2023.


As a matter of fact, with population growth humanity already experiences a lack of place for parking. Do you know that feeling when you drive to your local shop and have no place to leave your car? Or you stay in a queue waiting for a spot to jump in? Let's not forget that the vehicle emits CO2 and damages the environment badly. 

As car parking is one of the major problems in the cities, the number of cars and issued driving licenses is rising, people experience lack of parking places. So that there are a lot of smart parking solutions such as Parking Cloud. It is a cloud-based native application that ensures intelligent usage of parking space. It works like this - when you are looking for a place to park a car or you are on the way - you just check Parking Cloud on your smartphone. Yes, that's easy. 

Why use Parking Cloud?

  • It saves a lot of time 

When driving to work or elsewhere to already see how much and where there parking space  is, so you won’t waste time finding a place;

  • It helps reduce exhaust fumes rate and decrease bad impact on environment

It’s not a secret that cars emit CO2. But there is good news as well- according to's smart parking solutions can save up to 900000 tons of harmful CO2 in Germany alone, which equals half of all domestic air traffic. So it’s just one step ahead to carbon neutrality;

  • It improves efficient use of  parking space

You can check available parking lots to leave your car. The app will show a couple of options.


  • Opportunity to pay for parking and see parking reviews via the app

Just add your cart or connect PayPal account and pay online.


  • Advertising opportunities

If you are an advertiser, you could also benefit from Parking Cloud. You can place your banner right in the app, so that manage monetization.

Smart parking is a step towards the future. It saves time, because, originally, a driver spends up to 20 minutes, looking for a place for parking. Plus it decreases bad influence on the environment and stress. Smart parking solutions check availability in real-time so that it helps to optimize on-street parking in cities. It’s a good habit to have to live in modern society. 

Darya Tugarina
Project Manager
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