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What you need to know about effective work in Jira

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Published by jetbi
15 December 2022

Jira is widely used by both IT specialists and representatives of other types of businesses. In fact, over 50% of Jira’s customers use the software for non-IT projects. Having worked with the Jira incentive for a long time, we managed to highlight the main tips for its effective use.

  • Clear name and description. 

There should be a title that describes the content clearly. The description should be displayed in such a way that the essence of the task, its goals and how to perform this task will be understood by the performer. This way, the most efficient work will be built.

  • Remember to add comments in a timely manner

The task comments show what has been done in this task, the necessary additional information, and the result of the task. Therefore, when showing the task to the customer, it will be clear what is the status of the task, how much time was spent on its execution, and what is the result of the task.

  • Receiving a task, check its completeness:
  1. It is clear what needs to be done;
  2. All necessary data is included with links to its sources;
  3. The expected result is understood;
  4. Labor costs are adequate;
  5. Deadlines are realistic.
  • Document the sources used to complete the task

If you use many sources of information when completing a task, it is better to record them in a comment, as well as the process for completing this task. This will allow you to perform similar tasks in the future faster. If you have a question about the information in the finished task, you can determine the source easier.

  • Log your time. Why is it important?

Logging your time will give insight into the effectiveness of the employee. Moreover, it will show our customers the progress of work, and the time spent on each task. Working with logs will create transparency for our customers, and will prevent unnecessary questions.


Jira is a commercial task-tracking system designed to organize user interaction, although in some cases it is also used for project management. Knowing how to use it will help you build efficient processes within your team and avoid mistakes when completing a task.

Anfrey Batskel
Project Manager
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