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VR Trends Digest #1

About Us
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26 June 2020

Virti is a VR solution that solves real-world problems using technology

Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) drives the increase in doctors' workload. The need to treat large patients’ flows made the UK the government appeal to volunteers and found the community support and readiness to assist. There was a problem with how to upskill the newcomers to work properly with patients diagnosed with COVID-19. This is how the National Health Service decided to use Virti, an immersive solution to train medical staff and volunteers. Virti uses virtual and augmented reality technologies and immerses users into a realistic, hard-to-access learning environment. The healthcare training solution is designed to train the necessary skills by lessening pressure and improving performance. The platform includes video tutorials to illustrate how to work with patients who are diagnosed with coronavirus. Virti's program covers key areas: 1)the proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE), 2) interacting with patients and their families, 3) navigating through an unfamiliar intensive care unit.

Virti improves performance and reduces errors. It saves training time and costs. At the same time, it is accessible around the world and helps to share knowledge.

Virti is founded by Dr. Alexander Young, a trauma and orthopedic surgeon. He is passionate about creating new IPs to enterprise learning solutions for healthcare and beyond.

A new VR Concept.20 release does not allow VR objects to pass through the floor and surfaces.

VR Concept has released an update enabling smoother interaction with virtual objects. So that the users can drop objects, put them on top of each other, roll them on the surface, and even hang them on hooks. This way the interaction with virtual objects has become even more realistic. This release also assists in ergonomics testing of a future project. The process becomes more visual that’s why it is easier to test the passage of objects through doorways in rooms, for example.

In addition, the new version of the VR Concept has new measurement options. So the user can quickly measure the diameter of the circle, as well as the width and height perpendicular.

With VR Concept.20 virtual reality tends to be more realistic!

HTC Vive launches the VIVE XR Suite, an integrated application bundle for business and social needs

HTC Vive has announced the software bundle Vive XR Suite launch, consisting of five VR applications applying to work and social needs. This is a step further to an all-encompassing digital transformation speeding up VR adoption worldwide. It allows to integrate XR experiences into interactions and communications.

The Vive XR Suite is based on the Steam VR platforms and is compatible with all VR headsets available on the market (HTC VIVE, Windows MR, Valve, etc). It includes PC VR systems as well as mobile ones (Oculus, for example). The application package is also designed to be accessed from a PC monitor and a modern smartphone. So, non-VR devices users are not left behind and can somewhat interact in the virtual worlds with this toolset. All you have to do is to register once and create a separate account in order to have access to all applications. It means all users can get a single entry point to any application from the package.

The software bundle consists of the following applications :

  • Vive Sync by HTC. Designed for business meetings;
  • Vive Campus by VirBELA. Provides users with virtual office spaces;
  • Vive Sessions by ENGAGE. Designed for lectures;
  • Vive Social from VRChat. Provides social interaction in VR;
  • Vive Museum by Museum of Other Realities. Allows exhibitions in VR.


HTC Vive schedules the official release of the Vive XR Suite in Q3/2020. The company offers to try a free lite-version to all users and then switch to a premium Pro subscription version with enterprise/creator level capabilities and commercial-use licenses. Both versions can be downloaded on various VR and non-VR app stores.

The Vive XR Suite allows users to immerse themselves in business processes, but at the same time maintain our humanity and productivity.

We hope you enjoyed immersing into the VR/AR world and we’re working to impress you next time!

Anna Metsik
Virtual Reality Consultant
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