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Visualforce reportChart Component

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27 January 2017

This component is used to add Salesforce report charts to a Visualforce page. There is an option for data filtering in case you want to see specific results. The component is available in API version 29.0 or later. Before you add a report chart, check that the source report has a chart in Salesforce app.

First of all, you need to enter reportId (The unique ID of the report) or developerName (The unique developer name of the report), to set report for your reportChart.

Then you can set some filters to show only necessary information, using attribute filter. A report can have up to 20 field filters. A filter has these attributes in the form of a JSON string:

  • column: The API name of the field that you want to filter on.
  • operator: The API name of the condition you want to filter a field by. For example, to filter by "not equal to," use the API name "notEqual."
  • value: The filter criteria.

For example, [{column:'STAGE_NAME', operator:'equals', value:'Prospecting'}, {column:'EXP_AMOUNT', operator:'greaterThan', value:'75000'}].

Attribute body is the body of the component. In markup, this is everything in the body of the tag.
It is a good idea to set hideOnError=”true”, if you don’t want users to see errors related to the chart. If an error occurs, the chart will not be displayed.
Attribute rendered can be used to show or to hide your chart. You can use a formula here.
Attribute size specifies a chart’s size with one of these values: tiny, small, medium, large, huge.
Attribute showRefreshButton is a Boolean indicating whether to add a refresh button to the chart. It is true by default.
If you want to enable cache, you should set cacheResults=”true”. When the attribute is set to true, data is cached for 24 hours, but you can modify the length of time with the cacheAge (in milliseconds) attribute. The maximum length of time is 24 hours. If the attribute is set to false, the report is run every time the page is refreshed.

Using component on Visualforce page might look like this: <analytics:reportChart reportId="00O28000001BC2N" showRefreshButton="true" size="tiny" hideOnError="true"/>.

And here is a result:


We can use some filters: <analytics:reportChart reportId="00O28000001BC2N" showRefreshButton="true" size="tiny" hideOnError="true" filter="[{column:'AMOUNT', operator:'equals', value:'15000'}]"/>.

And here is a result:

And here is a result:

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