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Visualforce actionRegion Component

Category: Salesforce FAQ
Published: March, 24, 2016

Due to this component it is possible to limit information, which will be sent to the server in AJAX request. When we create a form, only the components in the body of <apex:actionRegion> are processed by the server, thereby increasing the performance of the page.

An <apex:actionRegion> component only defines which components the server processes during a request – it does not define what area(s) of the page is re-rendered when the request completes. To control this process, use the rerender attribute on an <apex:actionSupport>, <apex:actionPoller>, <apex:commandButton>, <apex:commandLink>, <apex:tab> or <apex:tabPanel> component.

Attribute Id is an identifier which allows the component to be referenced by other components in the page.

Setting immediate="true" we can specify whether the action associated with this component happen immediately, without processing any validation rules associated with the fields on the page.

Attribute rendered can be used to activate or to deactivate your actionRegion. You can use the formula here.

Attribute renderRegionOnly specifies whether AJAX-invoked behavior outside of the actionRegion should be disabled when the actionRegion is processed. If set to true, no component outside the actionRegion is included in the AJAX response. If set to false, all components in the page are included in the response. If not specified, this value defaults to true.

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