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Virtual reality CRM for Real Estate

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16 July 2020


How good are you at guessing your customers’ needs? Do you have an idea what drives their attention? We suggest trying the comprehensive approach applying Virtual Reality technology and CRM integration in order to utilize the information in a smarter way. The COVID-19 pandemic made people isolated while opening the possibilities of digital environment enrollment and remote work expansion. Online real estate platforms enjoy demand increase. People are willing not to miss the opportunity over the possibility of a resurgent pandemic and improve their living conditions. That’s why 3D walkthroughs are becoming popular.


It is crucial for real estate agents to come up with a targeted offer within a short period of time. As the practice shows buyers preferences are changing and real estate agents cannot always meet requirements. In this situation, the lead time increases that affects badly the customer experience. We suggest the solution that is derived from the synergy of immersive technologies with data analytics, CRM integration, and automation.


How does VR CRM works?



Virtual Reality allows to deliver a real estate showroom experience in an exciting, emotionally colored way. Buyers can participate in a demonstration and feel connected to the guided allotment. VR users can create their own designs and interact with interior surroundings, using furniture and decor. So, it is possible to explore the space to the fullest and manipulate with different objects, understanding the atmosphere of the place. There is no other real estate sales tool that can provide the experience of living in a chosen location. Immersive technologies assist people to step into the house even if it is still under development and there is only an empty lot in reality. To be exact, VR helps customers to get a full understanding of what they’re committed to buy.



When a user puts on a Head-Mounted Device (HMD), he/she is immersed into an isolated environment removing disturbances from the outside factors. It allows us to collect all virtual reality experience data accurately. A lot of useful information becomes available, such as the given user’s main points of interest, his/her actions, movements, decisions made, etc. These data is then automatically streamlined to the CRM system. Built-in analytics tools create various reports about each user. That information can be used, for example, to generate automated offer letters, decreasing the amount of input from the sales manager.

Interactive immersive walk-throughs allow customers to explore the premises at the same time the Real Estate company gets a clear picture of customers’ needs to be further processed as well as the full information about sales team performance.


VR CRM Real Estate project was executed for an European developer. The Client wanted to improve business processes efficiency as well as to stand out of the competitors by adding wow-effects to the marketing campaign. We managed to achieve the goals by developing the VR solution with CRM integration and big data analytics. The solution was executed by applying Salesforce and Unity.

In terms of 3D environment, the team had to create a virtual copy of the residential complex consisting of private homes and condos. Immersive walk-throughs were executed around the exterior of the complex as well as the possibility to see the interior and to analyze the complex from the bird’s view. The UX design process allowed generic options for visualization and expanded data perception. VR CRM part collected different behavioral data during VR sessions, such as levels of concentration, attention, preferable locations, etc. and built customer routes. We applied neuro gadgets to collect bio responses to the data, as for example, points of interest, that are triggered instinctively. JET BI introduced the Heatmap feature that was designed for analytics and provided data, stored for all sessions, and could demonstrate areas the most attractive to a specific group of customers (can be filtered by gender, age, country).

As all the reports are generated automatically, it’s convenient for a sales manager to analyze the data on the conducted VR demonstrations. This is a useful tool to prepare for the next contact with the client as it contains the most essential information: how much time the client spent in the virtual location, the offers that attracted the attention the most objects the VR user paid a lot of attention, etc. This information is backed up by the Heatmap feature, where the VR user’s route is visualized with the emphasis on the hottest spots according to the client’s point of view. By analyzing behavior in the digital environment, it is possible to predict customers’ intentions to buy the property, driving factors for purchase, etc. Moreover, these features might be useful in preparing a marketing campaign as it allows to prepare targeted marketing materials for a certain group of people.



Summary information about session






This case study proves the VR CRM solution for Real Estate gained high praise from the developer’s customers and enabled to conduct an impressive marketing campaign as well as to boost sales and improve sales managers’ performance. JET BI demonstrated an active approach, high-level expertise, and creativity in the VR application development.


The current situation is that the reality is shifting to the digital presence. It means that real estate companies have to embrace new technologies and include them into their business processes. It applies to virtual reality technology as well. Immersive technologies provide emotional visualization together with data collection and CRM integration. JET BI assists in responding effectively to emerging business opportunities and achieve the long-term objectives applying cutting edge VR technology. We’re concentrated on becoming a trusted and reliable partner offering fast delivery time implementation services, integration, and custom development of any complexity in-house.

Real Estate is facing a lot of opportunities to grow the business even during COVID-19 pandemic and JET BI is focused to provide remote solutions while safeguarding public health and at the same time to reach success together with Clients. Just do not hesitate and immerse yourself into virtual reality with the trusted partner, JET BI!

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