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Virtual Reality and Salesforce integration for Real Estate

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18 December 2018

Surely, you have ever thought of how to convert more Leads to Opportunity, how to recapture clients after first interaction with sales managers. Real estate is a sphere where such a problem really exists and many companies struggle to solve it by all means.

This is exactly what led. The Parallel (international company headquartered in London specializing in XR (virtual, augmented reality)) and JET BI to join their forces and to create a system - integration between Virtual Reality experience and Salesforce CRM to track customers` behavior in Real Estate and to drive sales process on a new level.

How does VR CRM work?


For today, VR CRM builds customer route, displaying sight direction and duration of sight on each dot. The system analyzes data about most preferable districts and objects, marks dots of specific customer’s attraction, gathers information from neurogadget, which helps correct data and pay attention to points of interest, which are triggered instinctively. For analytic purposes also was developed Heatmap feature, which displays data, stored for all sessions and can vibrantly demonstrate locations, which were most attractive to this or that group of customers (can be filtered by gender, age, and country).

Our plans

And we have no plans to stop there. The tool has been already presented at several exhibitions and technical events (in Finland, Germany, in the USA) and received positive feedback. New features, which will be available soon:

  • Each dot will be guided with an audio recording from the conversation with a customer;
  • Customize commercial offer creation and sending upon VR session finishing; 

User’s route


Summary information about session




Apartment view


Anna Metsik
Virtual Reality Consultant
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