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Trailhead: exciting way to learn

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20 October 2017

Work with the world's most innovative CRM system requires the constant self-education and self-improvement. Salesforce worked out its unique learning method that covers the most ground in the shortest amount of time. Trailhead modules turn learning process into an exiting game. The game that evolved into a real movement all around the world. With Trailhead you can chart own course through Salesforce skills and level-up your knowledge and overall business skills.

Depending on needs SFDC developers and administrators can shape their own learning style choosing from Trails, Modules, Projects, Superbages, and Trailmixes using a set of interactive, online tutorials. Each of the options assumes different Salesforce role, knowledge level, and requires different amount of time. To pass each challenge you have to reach certain goals and to do some exercises. In case of success you will win some points and cool badges that you can share with your colleagues in the Developer Community.


A trail is a kind of knowledge pack to improve a specific knowledge. Each trail consists of several modules and can take up to 20 hours to pass it through.


Modules introduce you into a specific topic in detail. You learn new features, use cases, exploring new experience. Each module is comprised of units and usually requires no more that 1,5-2 hours to take it.


Using Projects Trailblazers get an unique practical experience with Salesforce technologies and products. Typical tasks in Projects section are to build, to create, to flow, or to automate. Step-by-step instructions take your Salesforce skills to a new level.


If you decide for Superbages you decide for an exciting challenge that requires you to apply everything you’ve learned into real-world business requirements.


Going for Trailmixes you can create a custom learning path from your favorite Trails, Modules, Projects,and Superbages. Even more fun while learning! Furthermore, you can share your mix with other Trailblazer and launch a kind of your own learning course.


JET BI Trailhead champions


What do you love most about Trailhead?

Trailheads have a lot of eligible examples that help you easier understand the feature you want to study. At the end of each module, there are tests that sometimes have joke answers or exercises that you need to perform in your Trailhead Playground in order to complete the module. After each completed trailhead you obtain a badge that turns the learning process into the challenge between your colleagues.

How did you first get into Salesforce?

I've got acquainted with Salesforce when I came to the SFDC courses at the JET BI. From the very beginning, I hadn't the clear understanding what this platform is about, however, the more Trailheads I've completed the more I understood this platform. And now I see that Salesforce is a very powerful platform that allows you to customize plenty of things without any code, just with point-and-click and this is cool.


Which bage are you most proud of?

I think the most cool badge that I have is 'Quick Start: Einstein Image Classification'. Einstein is a new technology in Salesforce and AI becomes more popular every day.

What advice do you have for new Trailblazers?

Try to understand everything you read. It will help you in your future job. Also there are a lot of helpful examples in Trailheads where you can find different solutions to your issues.


How do you make time for Trailhead?

When I`ve began learning Salesforce, I turned Trailhead into my full-time job. Now I am working full time as a SFDC developer. Nevertheless, I book a couple of hours each week for Trailhead.

How do you stay motivated to continue learning?

If you’re not keeping up with the latest technologies, you become obsolete. Salesforce is constantly growing, evolving, and adding new functionality and it’s something I need to stay updated. Trailhead has given me a fun and fast way to do this.


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