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Tips for Dreamforce preparation 2018

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21 September 2018

Dreamforce is a technological conference, which gathers people from all over the world in San Francisco to listen to the most inspiring and innovative minds. Four days, from September 25 till September 28, will be filled with more than 2000 keynotes, breakout sessions and networking opportunities. We want to share with you the main tips, which will help you to be prepared for the event and to enjoy your stay in San Francisco.

Plan sessions

The Dreamforce campuses locate in several meeting points in San Francisco. Be ready for a long-distance walk to get to the willing keynotes and breakout sessions. It will be useful for you to look through the trail map and plan your visits to avoid queues and delays.


Once you know the agenda for conference days, choose the hotel not far from the venues. Remember, Dreamforce work with over 100 hotels in San Francisco, which provide best prices for the attendees. Transportation will be provided to and from the hotels and campus venues.

WiFi Point and Battery charges

Most conference halls have abysmal WiFi and Internet access. Based on our own experience, we recommend you to take your own WiFi point. You will provide yourself with a reliable connection and will be online when you need.

Do not forget to take additional battery chargers for your smartphone and notebook.


A pair of walking shoes will help you to easily walk around the city during the days of the conference. When packing for Dreamforce, note: the weather in San Francisco is unpredictable. Take not only “summer” outfits, but clothes to make you warm.


Dreamforce is an excellent opportunity to get in touch with experts in Salesforce. Arrange a meeting with a participant you want to talk to or join several Salesforce groups. Prepare your business cards prior to the conference to raise the chances to have follow-up communication after networking.


Dreamforce is not only about work, it is also about having fun. Visit Dreamfest and parties  to have a rest and have more opportunities for communication. Enjoy each moment of the conference and get new experience.

JET BI team will visit Dreamforce 2018. Plan a meeting with us, so that we have more time for networking.  

Let’s meet at Dreamforce 2018

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Head of Marketing
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