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Summer'20 release of Field Service Lightning

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20 July 2020

We have prepared an overview of the most interesting Field Service Lightning features from the Summer'20 release in our opinion.

1. Optimization Insights feature (Beta)

That new feature allows to see results of global optimization. Optimization insights is a set of components that can be added to Optimization request page in Lightning App Builder.




There are three components available: metrics (1), key performance indicators (2), and summary (3).




That component shows details about the optimization request, such as status, horizon, and territories.


Metrics provide an overview of scheduling information, such as how many appointments were scheduled from the pool of optimizable appointments.


The KPI component displays key performance indicators by territory before and after the optimization. Insights are available for global optimization requests that complete successfully. They aren’t supported for in-day or resource schedule optimization.

2. Count Work Rule type

With the use of Count work rule type in scheduling policy it is possible to restrict appointment scheduling based on assignments, hours worked, or a custom value. It allows you to prevent the overloading of workers or their vehicles. You can assign light workloads to new-hires, or track item quantities that fit in each worker’s vehicle.



3. Enhanced optimization

Enhanced Optimization provides a range of scheduling features that help you address last-minute scheduling challenges, make more informed scheduling decisions, and minimize surprises for your team. Previously, to access in-day optimization, predictive travel, and scheduling recipes, you activated enhanced optimization. That type of optimization is going to become a default method.

4. Opportunity to track Team's Expenses

Expenses let your service resources track costs and associate them to work orders.



5. Use Criteria-Based Sharing Rules for Time Sheets

Previously Timesheets could be shared only based on the record owner. Now criteria-based sharing rules are available.



Thanks for reading, if you need any help with the new Salesforce Summer’20 release contact us. We’d be happy to discuss how we can help you maximize the value of Salesforce.

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