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Streamlining Project Management With 5 Key Features of Capacity Project Resource Planning

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Published by jetbi
07 August 2023

Efficiently managing resources and projects is critical for the success of any organization. However, creating new projects, establishing roles, and searching for appropriate employees can be confusing and time-consuming. 

The Capacity Project Resource Planning application, built on the Salesforce platform, offers a comprehensive solution to streamline these tasks and empower managers to optimize their project management processes. 

In this article, we will highlight the 5 key features of our project management tool and explore how it improves and simplifies the process of project planning and resource allocation.

1. Creating project opportunities

The Capacity Project Resource Planning application simplifies the creation process of project opportunities. With an intuitive interface, employees can swiftly set many details, the main of which are: Opportunity Name, Type, Probability, Stage, Priority Close Date. 

By automating this process, sales managers can focus on identifying the most attractive opportunities. This feature ensures that no potential project slips through the cracks and enables the team to stay proactive in pursuing new business prospects.


2. Initiating New Projects

Once an opportunity is identified, the application instantly creates the new projects right on the same page. Our resource planning software allows managers to define key project attributes like: Project Name, Project Status, Description, Customer Name,Project Start and Finish Date. Keeping these important project data in one place increases clarity and alignment between project teams from the earliest stages.


3. Establishing Project Roles

Assigning suitable roles to team members is the next step of project planning. The application enables managers to define project roles, including: Total Hours, Start and End Date, Level, Project Role and Skills.

This feature helps match employees' professional expertise and skill sets to the specific requirements of the project, ensuring a capable  project team. With clearly defined roles, employees can understand their responsibilities, leading to increased productivity.



4. Monitoring Resources for Projects

One of the main strengths of the App is its ability to provide an overview of all project details in a single page named "Project Resource Planning". The real-time visibility into project statuses and resource allocation into the projects improve resource management and allow making informed decisions promptly. By efficiently monitoring resources, organizations can avoid overloading employees, prevent project fuckups, and maintain planned timelines.



5. Assigning Workload to Employees

The application implements a simple and understandable process for assigning a planned workload to employees based on their project roles and skill levels. Additionally, project managers can adjust the workload optimization for team members and monitor changes in real time. This feature optimizes resource usage and ensures that each worker's workload matches their capabilities and experience, improving overall productivity.



The Capacity Project Resource Planning application improves and makes project management easier by streamlining core resource planning, role establishment, and resource allocation. Its user-friendly interface, integration with Salesforce, and powerful features make it a valuable tool for managers seeking to enhance productivity and efficiency. With real-time insights, organizations can make data-driven decisions and deliver successful projects consistently. Using Capacity Project Resource Planning App, businesses can easily achieve their strategic objectives. 

Ready to take your project management to the next level? Try out our business solution right now and level up your project efficiency and resource management. Streamline your processes, optimize workloads, and achieve your strategic objectives effortlessly with Capacity Project Resource Planning App. Leave a request and we will contact you.

Oleksii Ushako
ISTQB Certified QA Engineer

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