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Spreading Goodness: Embrace Kindness in Your Corporate Culture with Bid4Good Platform from JET BI

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Published by jetbi
04 August 2023

JET BI remains committed to doing good things in 2023 and has conducted Bid4Good online auction. This year the company team has collected funds to assist the most vulnerable ones - children of Ukraine - who have been affected by the military conflict. To dive into more details of the Bid4Good Summer 2023, please use this link. 

The charity auction lasted for two weeks from July 19 till August 1, 2023.  

The JET BI team offered their lots and engaged in active bidding. The lots at Bid4Good Summer 2023 auction impressed with their unique and diverse offerings from lovingly handcrafted jars of pickles to the captivating bicycle tours around the enchanting streets of Warsaw. This active participation fosters a culture of creativity within the JET BI team. Our remarkable QAs, Developers, and Consultants, alongside the entire team, are not merely dedicated professionals but individuals with extraordinary hobbies and warm hearts.

We suggest having a retrospective of how Bid4Good auction was conducted.

To get started, the first step is to log in using your credentials. Our experienced team of JET BI developers has worked to integrate Google as an authentication provider, allowing users to conveniently access the platform using their Google accounts. This seamless integration ensures a smooth and secure login process, providing users with a hassle-free experience while accessing Bid4Good platform.

Once the Google authentication process is successfully complete, users are redirected to the main page. On the main page, they will find an array of stories, each representing a major theme for an auction. 

The users can explore the archive of stories for previously held auctions as well as the ongoing auction. Right before your eyes, the active story will be displayed, allowing you to engage with the current auction's excitement and theme.

To explore the story details further, navigate to the main page and click the "story".  In our case, it will be the story for ‘Summer Auction Bid4Good 2023’. 

As you enter the story details page, you'll find the auction's name displayed in the 'Story name' field. Scroll down to read the captivating description of the story. Pay attention to the start date time and end date time, clearly mentioned on the page. 

In the 'Story member URL' field, you have the opportunity to place the link to the fund where the collected money will be transferred. Now, check the box labeled 'Enable Lots creation.'  This step allows you to participate in creating lots, contributing your unique offerings to the auction.

Once your story is active, it's time to prepare your lots and get ready for the excitement. Head over to the 'View Lots' section, where approved lots, carefully curated by the Admin, await users’ exploration.

The user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate through the available lots. Each lot comes with a comprehensive history of bids, allowing you to study the bidding patterns and track the ever-changing sum available for transfer to the fund. With every bid placed, the sum is dynamically adjusted until the auction reaches its end. When the auction is finalized, the final sum will be revealed, reflecting the collective impact of all participants.

Whether you're eyeing a particular item or have multiple favorites, the freedom to bid on any lot of your preference is yours to seize.

Think up a creative lot name and a description that will impress bidders. Set a minimum bid step and an initial bid that'll make folks raise their eyebrows and their bids!  Pick the auction's active story. Show your User name with pride by ticking ‘Show your User name’. But it gets spicier with the option for ‘Create a secret lot’, where you can even blur your lot image and make bidders go wild with curiosity. 

In the heart of every thriving corporate culture lies the spirit of charity, and this auction is the perfect stage to let it shine. By encouraging your employees to create lots and actively participate in this event, you're not just fostering a sense of joy and fun, but also forging strong bonds within your team. Moreover, you're empowering them to make a meaningful difference by contributing to those who need it the most.

Let's make this auction a celebration of kindness that echoes far beyond the event's end! To find out more about the application, please follow the link. Contact us to organize a demo of Bid4Good. 

Anna Metsik-Peshko
Certified Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant / Administrator
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