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Smart Workspace application by JET BI

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Published by jetbi
25 February 2021

It is not a secret that COVID-19 pandemia has made significant influence to human life. Working from home became popular due to safe environment and quarantine limitations. To decrease office expenses a large number of companies prefer to move from huge offices to smaller one and organize on-demand workspaces there.

To fulfil these needs, JET BI has created the Smart Workspace product which allows to efficiently monitor office real-time occupancy from anywhere around the world. The solution is based on hardware wireless Sensors and powered by Salesforce.

Smart Workspace consists of the following components:

  • Autonomous and energy efficient motion sensors which are placed on facility items.
  • Base stations to collect data from motion sensors.
  • Smart Workspace application for equipment and working space management
  • Smart Workspace mobile application for available workplace and equipment search and booking.


Smart Workspace application can be divided into two main parts:

  • Administrator area where admins can create and edit facilities as well as add new facility items.
  • User area where users can view available facility items and book it via handy schedule calendar.

It is pretty simple to use the solution:

  • All facility items should be equipped with sensors connected to mobile stations.
  • Then an administrator creates facilities, loads facility maps, add facility items and sets their availability.
  • After that users can easily book facility items in their area.
  • Salesforce based application backend stores Base Stations configuration, Facilities and Facility Items configuration and booking activities as well as Sensor and Sensor Events information.

In general Smart Workspace has following advantages:

  • Office real-time occupancy monitoring from anywhere around the world;
  • Sustainable and long-term solution with unattended smart sensors;
  • All collected data is securely stored Salesforce Cloud;
  • Quick and easy implementation of the system;
  • Customizable for unique needs;

Contact JET BI to get more information and request a demo. 

Dmitriy Egorychev

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