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Service Cloud for beginners. Short guideline by JET BI

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Published by jetbi
20 January 2022

Service Cloud is the best product to provide better customer service, give the proper information and support they need. It refers to the module “Service” in Salesforce. So if you sell products, customers will need your support. It can be any type: giving information about the product, solving the problems that they have with the product, or selling related products. Service Cloud is a CRM platform that automates service processes for business needs and it is built on a SaaS model.

Service Cloud gives an option to pick the communication channel between customers and support agents. This is a big choice as Service Cloud is an omnichannel platform, for example, web, email, chat, text, phone, social media, etc. When clients want to have feedback with a solution all requests go to one place - Service Cloud. There are tools that help support agents respond quickly to the customers.

Your customer wants to have support from all channels and Service Cloud transforms them into Cases. The most important object in Service Cloud is Salesforce. All Cases go to the support agents, who will resolve and respond to customers' issues. Service Cloud ensures an individual approach to customers and helps to communicate and solve problems faster providing the best service.

Cases are customizable records and are used to monitor and manage customer support interactions such as questions, complaints, or requests. Cases can be created web-to-case and email-to-case, through customer and community portal or manually through Cases Tab in Salesforce. Also, there is an option to show the history as well as the current status of the Cases. A client's question or feedback can be used as a Case. Support agents can review Case status (open or closed) by getting access and realizing how they can do better services.

Support processes in Salesforce are created to provide cycles controlling step-by-step resolving process of customer’s issues. There are different ways to find solutions for Cases from company to company and department to department. We can set up any kind of cycle for every type of Case. Support processes relate to record types that can be assigned to the user’s profile to have a different Case resolving process.

One of the features of Service Cloud is Public Knowledge Base, which helps in finding information to resolve issues. It includes documents that constitute articles with process information, like how to reset product defaults settings, or frequently asked questions, like how much storage your product has. With Knowledge, Base support agents can resolve Cases faster, because the finding process of necessary information becomes much easier. Also, the articles are published and could be used internally or externally on different channels. You can control which of the articles will be published in the Base. It’s a self-service portal for customers. Clients can solve their problems without creating a Case and they don’t need any help from support agents.

Thus, Service Cloud helps to perform the best service to your customers with Case management, Knowledge Base, Omnichannel routing, and Automation. This cloud-based system has everything to make customers’ and users' lives easier and happier.  Also JET BI helps with providing Service Cloud implementation for your products and in consulting and developing in Salesforce.

Ekateryna Levchuk
Project Manager
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