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Save the dates! Upcoming Salesforce events are here!

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Published by jetbi
08 April 2021

Training is an essential part of the person’s growth as a professional. Especially it’s important to learn something new for developers on an ongoing basis because they are the ones who meet unique business issues and create the best solutions that bring to life any client's wishes. Salesforce has always tried to provide all the partners with opportunities to learn and develop. We present you a useful list of upcoming events from Salesforce that can be an interesting and valuable pastime.


Pardot Release Highlights: ABM, Privacy, and More

Upcoming Webinar April 15, 2021 09:00 PM (GMT +03)

Privacy & Security have always been important issues while switching to Salesforce. Customers are worried about their data and therefore want the protection to be strengthened. Join the Salesforce webinar “Pardot Release Highlights: ABM, Privacy, and More”. In addition, during the training, Accounts as Campaign Members and Pardot Einstein Send Time Optimization (ESTO) innovations will be presented to help businesses increase the engagement of customers.

How to Automate Manual Processes and Remove Repetitive Tasks Easily with Low-Code Tools

Upcoming Webinar April 21, 2021 09:00 PM (GMT +03)

The training will help to understand how low-code tools like Salesforce Flow, OmniStudio, MuleSoft Composer, and AppExchange work to enhance workflow efficiency. During the webinar, Salesforce experts will share the best practices of running workflow automation and reveal tips for working with the development process for an enterprise of any size and in any industry.

Marketing Cloud April 2021 New Feature Overview

Upcoming Webinar April 22, 2021 07:00 PM (GMT +03)

The webinar will be useful for everyone who works with the Salesforce platform, and especially for those who work closely with Marketing Cloud. Exclusive information about updates and additions to Datorama, Interaction Studio, Einstein, Pardot, and Distributed Marketing. Product experts will share their opinions about updates and ensure the values that they will bring to the business.

As a complement.

The main event of Salesforce will be held on June 16. The registration for Education Summit 2021 is open now! Salesforce partners will be able to find training to their liking, but what will be really valuable for developers is the presentation of new product updates and demos and the opportunity to interact with developers from around the world. A great way to share your ideas and gain new experiences.


Save dates and get ready for a fascinating flow of useful information!

Anya Mayorava
Marketing Specialist

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