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Salesforce® and JIRA® Integration. What to start from?

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17 January 2019

While working with customers in IT industry, there is a need to integrate various systems. In our case, we faced a challenge of providing customers with the rapid Salesforce® integration with JIRA® using no additional development and support efforts for 3rd party components. Sales and Service teams may face a similar problem, in case they work on customer interaction in Salesforce, but part of the team’s or partner’s projects and issues are tracked in JIRA.


We formulated the problem as follows: to find a Salesforce and JIRA cloud connector for the average customer portrait.

Metrics Value
Project capacity 5850 issues
New features in the sprint 40
Defects in the sprint 60
Sprint frequency 2 per month
Frequency of synchronizations 2 per sprint (at the beginning and at the end
Total amount of synchronization processes 8 per month, 96 per year 200 issues per month, 2400 per year
Quantity of users Quantity of users

Criteria for the solution:

  • A user with knowledge level lower than Salesforce Admin should be able to configure the tool;
  • The time from the installation beginning to the first successful synchronization should take no more than 4 hours;
  • Availability of bidirectional synchronization between JIRA and Salesforce;
  • Availability of a free trial version;  
  • Synchronization of issues and comments;
  • Free or Low budget solution;


We found 6 possible solutions on AppExchange. In this article, we will look at Komunikado tool by JET BI.

Criteria for Komunikado choice:

Features Availability in Komunikado
Time from installation to the first synchronization Less than 4 hours
Price per month *Free
Bidirectional synchronization of issues and  comments Yes 
The possible frequency of synchronization Every 60 minutes
Filters available Filters available

*Free during the first year 

About Komunikado product


Synchronization in both directions records from Salesforce to JIRA issues, comments, attachments

The full log of data sync for audit and troubleshooting

100% native managed package

Configuration Flexible configuration of fields and objects mapping, custom objects and fields support
Schedule  Independent scheduling and mapping for each JIRA Project\Salesforce Object


Komunikado advantages

  • Increased team productivity;
  • Software licenses cost efficiency;
  • 100% Native Salesforce app;
  • Fast and secure implementation;
  • Customizable for unique needs.

For whom is it better to make Komunikado

  • A company is a small or medium enterprise;
  • Business use both Salesforce Sales/Service cloud and JIRA and would like to get synergy effect from these great products;
  • A company transfers data on issues and comments between JIRA and Salesforce manually.

Want to reduce costs on transferring information between JIRA and Salesforce? Contact us and try a trial version!

Julia Solomenko
Senior Project Manager

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