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Salesforce Summer ’24 Release. Jet BI overview for main changes

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Published by JET BI
23 May 2024


Salesforce listened closely to user feedback and industry insights to create a release that meets the changing demands and obstacles faced by companies across all industries. The Salesforce Summer '24 Release introduces a wealth of new features and enhancements aimed at elevating user experience, optimizing operations, and harnessing cutting-edge AI technologies to achieve superior business results. If organizations take advantage of the opportunities presented by the Summer '24 Release, they can expect to see tangible improvements in efficiency, productivity, and ultimately business performance. Let’s describe some of these updates.

Enhanced Salesforce for Slack Integration

Improvements to the Salesforce integration for Slack are revolutionizing the way teams collaborate and manage workflows. Central to these updates is the integration of advanced artificial intelligence capabilities, bringing generative artificial intelligence directly into everyday communications and making Slack an even more powerful tool for business productivity.

This update brings generative AI into daily communications, empowering teams to work smarter and faster, and reinforcing Salesforce's commitment to integrating cutting-edge technologies for better business results.

Upcoming Restrictions on Salesforce Cookie Use

The key changes in cookie restrictions is due to evolving web standards, where major web browsers are gradually moving to fully block third-party cookies. To adapt to these changes Salesforce will provide important steps to ensure the continued functionality of custom integrations and code that rely on Salesforce session cookies. Features such as Lightning Out and Visualforce authenticated pages on third-party sites are particularly impacted by these browser updates.

Key Changes:

  1. Third-party cookie blocking: As major browsers, including Google Chrome, plan to completely block third-party cookies by December 2024, Salesforce is taking steps to ensure that cookies used in the platform are recognized as third-party cookies.
  2. Enhanced security and compatibility: This update brings Salesforce's cookie practices in line with evolving web standards, improving security and compatibility across browsers.

Expanded LLM Capabilities for Personalized AI Workflows

This update allows users to seamlessly integrate AI models from leading vendors such as OpenAI, Azure, Google Gemini and AWS Bedrock, including Mistral, Titan and Llama 2. With this extended support, businesses can harness advanced AI capabilities across diverse domains such as sales forecasting, customer service automation, and marketing analytics. Tailoring AI solutions to their specific requirements allows enterprises to attain unparalleled efficiency, productivity, and innovation, positioning them for success in today's competitive environment.

Data Cloud for Commerce

Data Cloud for Commerce is a solution that provides real-time analytics as well as automation and personalized data for revenue growth. In addition, this platform is able to seamlessly integrate commerce data with marketing and third-party sources, providing businesses with a comprehensive view of their operations.

With the quick response to customer behavior and market trends, decisions can be made effectively based on the previously acquired data. Automation simplifies various processes such as inventory management and order fulfillment while improving efficiency. Personalized data enables targeted marketing activities, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Data Cloud for Commerce provides companies with the tools they need to optimize various operations and achieve sustainable growth and development in a competitive marketplace.

Improved Error Management for Outdated Pages in Lightning Experience

Enhancing workflow in Salesforce’s Lightning Experience with improved error handling for pages that fall out of sync with the Salesforce server. This update is designed to reduce disruptions and offer a more user-friendly solution to synchronization issues.

Previously, an outdated page would instantly trigger an error message, forcing a page refresh. Now, the server attempts to process the outdated page first. If successful, you'll receive a warning message, allowing you to refresh the page at your convenience and avoid losing any progress. If the server can’t process the page, an error message will advise you to refresh the page to resynchronize with the server.

Data Empowerment with Vector Database

The Vector Database in Salesforce's Data Cloud is a game changer for businesses seeking to harness the full potential of their data. By unifying and effectively indexing structured and unstructured data, this tool powers faster insights and more robust data-driven strategies, positioning businesses for greater success in an increasingly data-centric world.

Empowering Financial Decisions with Digital Wallet

Digital Wallet feature is a powerful tool designed to optimize financial decisions for businesses. By offering visibility into consumption-based products, this feature enables organizations to effectively manage budgets, optimize spending, and identify trends. It's a crucial asset for making informed purchasing decisions and ensuring financial efficiency.


The Summer '24 release signifies Salesforce's commitment to innovation and user empowerment. Through the integration of advanced artificial intelligence and data management tools, Salesforce aims to help companies more effectively navigate the intricacies of the digital age. These tools are carefully designed to improve efficiency, strategic decision-making and a comprehensive understanding of customer interactions. In essence, the Summer '24 release embodies Salesforce's continued commitment to supporting enterprises in their quest for success.

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