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Salesforce Summer ‘2022 Release: new worthwhile features in Sales and Service Clouds

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Published by jetbi
13 July 2022

Salesforce Summer '2022 Release has got many features in Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. They cover sales, onboarding, and operations in the service-based organization as well as a trove of forecasting features. Several features seem to be the most relevant for process automation, improvement of customer service, and increased collaboration between teams. They can minimize the use of time and enhance efficiency. Let’s have a closer look at some of them.


1. Subscription management

Subscription management is a product, designed to help businesses working on subscription-based revenue generation work with their subscription-based clients. Now you can use this function to automate all the processes of sales, collecting payments for subscriptions, invoicing, evaluating risks of late payment, tracking customers' purchases, etc.




2. Sales Enablement Enhancements

Sales Enablement Enhancements provide onboarding new sellers quickly, help them hit their quotas more often, and keep them at full productivity for longer. To enable your sellers with the right content at the right time and use Rich Text in targeted prompts that clarify what to do next. Offer sellers to take action by pointing to global header icons and action buttons within your Salesforce instance.


3. Swarming

"Swarming" - a collaborative approach for resolving issues by a team with various expert knowledge and skills rather than a traditional escalations-based model. Due to function, agents can automatically bring together the right experts from any department into a dedicated Slack channel, increasing productivity and reducing time in issue solving.


4. Scheduling and Optimization Omni-Channel Supervisor Enhancements

Supervisors can now listen in or monitor transcripts for any ongoing call from Omni-Channel Supervisor. In addition, if agents need assistance on a call, they can raise a flag for help, and supervisors can assist with text-based whispers. The Phone, Messaging for In-App, and Messaging for Web-enhanced channels support flag raises and whisper messages.



5. Receiving Answers to the Questions using Einstein Search Answers

Now you can solve your cases faster with more accurate answers delivered right to you. Einstein Search Answers instantly extracts the relevant text from your Salesforce Knowledge base articles to help answer your question. The feature is in a pilot version.



6. Saving Higher Volumes of Predictions More Quickly

That is the forecasting feature. For models that are deployed using automated prediction fields, customers are currently allowed up to 500,000 predictions per org per day. For companies that generate predictions that approach or exceed this limit, use high-volume writeback to save more giant quantities of predicted values quickly. High-volume writeback decreases the time it takes to write predictions and avoids row locks related to other processes that might be going on. The default prediction limit is 2 million. Use Einstein Prediction Service to retrieve up to 30 days of prediction history.


7. Due dates for overdue tasks

Due dates for overdue tasks now appear in red, making them easy to spot. That makes it easier for a responsible person to notice tasks as well as for the person who takes control.



8. Filtering the report types list in the Create Report window

Now you can filter the report types list in the Create Report window to show only those that are based on your selected Salesforce objects. 

  1. To use this feature, click on the Reports tab.
  2. In the Create Report window, click Filter. Search for and add one or more standard or custom Salesforce objects. When you apply the changes, the list of report types is updated to show only the report types that are based on all the selected objects.



So as you can see, Salesforce is improving all the time. Business owners who come to Salesforce are usually looking to scale their efforts and grow in a way that makes sense. These latest enhancements from the Salesforce Summer ‘22 Release get business owners and stakeholders closer to those goals by saving their time and resources.  

JET BI is ready to help its clients implement all of the above features and even more to enhance the quality of your business and grow your revenue. Our consultants will help you to determine the best way to incorporate these features into your business. Fill in the form and we will contact you within 2 business days.


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