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Salesforce Sales Cloud consultant of your dream

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20 May 2019

Today we would like to introduce you to JET BI Salesforce Sales Cloud consultant, Ekaterina Rusakovich, who has gained two Salesforce certificates in a year.

About Ekaterina:

At university Ekaterina studied finance and credit. Her first job was at a local bank’s contact center where Ekaterina was invited to work in the IT department. Several years later, she started work at JET BI as a Salesforce administrator.

When did you first hear about Salesforce?

I first learned about Salesforce a year and a half ago when I was thinking about changing my job, After analyzing the labor market, it became clear that Salesforce is one of the leading cloud platforms in the world and is becoming very popular in Belarus. It had vacancies, and its community of specialists meant that the product was in demand, with customers already using it. So I decided that I wanted to find out more about the platform.

How did you end up taking your first Trailhead?

One of the requirements for starting work at JET BI was to take a mandatory exam for the Salesforce administrator certificate within a three-month period. When I started the training, I found that Salesforce was careful to keep the system as simple as possible and offered small lessons in the form of a game – Trailheads. I really liked both the structure and the flow. It is much more difficult to memorize information from standard manuals written in a more formal manner.

Did you get support from the JET BI team while preparing for the exam?

Yes, colleagues gave me a lot of advice on complex technical issues. JET BI is an amazing place: its employees have more than 10 years’ experience with the platform and can be easily contacted for help.

How many badges do you have at the moment?

I have 56 badges and I’m learning all the time, so that number grows every month. The Salesforce platform is so large and multifaceted, you need to study it constantly.

We know that in December you received a Salesforce Sales Cloud consultant certificate. How long did you prepare for the exam?

Preparation took nine months and it was quite challenging. Firstly, you need to organize your time well, so that you can study and still perform your current work tasks. Secondly, the materials for training are not really covered by Trailheads. So, I first had to study the material, and then went into the training environment and saw how the process worked.

Ekaterina, what opportunities have opened up for you since you received the certificate?

Once I received the certificate, I was able to start leading projects. Now, both the complexity of my tasks and my responsibilities have increased, but I really enjoy working as a Salesforce Sales Cloud consultant.

Has the knowledge gained during the preparation for the exam helped you in working on real projects?

The knowledge I have gained has given me more confidence in communicating with clients and advising them on the options for technical implementation and its best practices.

Ekaterina is constantly updating her education. Currently, our Salesforce Sales Cloud consultant has 56 badges and 47,925 points.

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Leonid Klimovich
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