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Salesforce Live Warsaw review from JET BI's expert

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Published by jetbi
28 October 2022

It is always fascinating to participate in such conferences as 'Salesforce Live Warsaw'. Especially after the COVID-19 lockdowns and remote work it is a little bit unusual to see a lot of Trailblazers offline in one place.



The conference was organized nicely. The target audience was the new and existing customers, but it was also interesting for Salesforce Partners. A lot of stands were presenting various Salesforce products, as well as stands with sponsoring partners’ products. The speeches were very useful: they covered new features in existing products, novelties (such as Salesforce Genie), and case studies from existing customers in Poland (Zabka, Santander Bank Polska, and others). Our Team concentrated on the topic of Salesforce Genie.



The main message of the product is to personalize every interaction with the business for the customer. One of the main challenges addressed is that the average company has around 976 applications with hundreds of customer profiles and it is important to have a single source of truth which is Salesforce Genie, the first real-time platform for customer magic.

Salesforce Genie is part of the Salesforce platform, the engine that powers the entire Customer 360. Before Genie, Salesforce was built to deal with mostly transactional data. The addition of Salesforce Genie complements the existing transactional database with the ability to take in massive volumes of data in real-time.



The product has built-in connectors that bring in data from any source, including Salesforce apps, mobile, web, connected devices, marketing, sales, service, commerce, Tableau data analytics, and even from the Mulesoft integration platform, in real time.

Salesforce Genie harmonizes and stores this customer data and transforms it into a real-time customer graph. That real-time customer profile can be used to instantly create an unprecedented level of personalization.



Salesforce Genie gives all that data so that there is no longer a need to look at each customer through a narrow lens – a customer opens a mobile app, a customer opens an app on their smart TV. Now each customer can be treated not as a transaction or a number, but as a person.

It means that, for example, when a customer calls to support, they know what he was just doing with his product. They don’t have to ask. They can answer his question proactively. Salesforce Genie is a very anticipated product of updates which we expect soon.

Our team recommends attending such conferences as Salesforce Live Warsaw, both for young professionals and experienced ones. Here you can meet customers and industry colleagues, exchange knowledge and experience, find out news about products and new ones, and just be inspired by the new achievements, seeing the full power of the Salesforce ecosystem.

Ekaterina Rusakovich
Salesforce Consultant / Business Analyst
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