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Salesforce licenses overview - Part 3+Whitepapers

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30 November 2017

In the previous articles, we reviewed SF licenses which allow you to engage partners, customers, and employees. There are some more licenses types, which would help you to broaden your cooperation with external users. Today we are going to tell a few words about Authenticated Website User Licenses and User Licenses.

Authenticated Website User Licenses

Platform portal users have the Authenticated Website license, which is designed to be used with Sites (read the first article related to licenses). It gives named sites users unlimited logins to your Platform Portal to access customer support information.

The Overage Authenticated Website license is almost the same as the Authenticated Website license, except that users do not have unlimited logins.

Once you enable orders in your SF environment, standard profiles automatically include all necessary object permissions for orders, plus read access for products and price books. If a standard profile is assigned to your external user and these object permissions aren’t appropriate for him, consider creating custom profiles that don’t include these object permissions. This table lists the permissions that can be given to Authenticated Website users.


Site and User Licenses

With Guest User licenses your public users could access to your or sites. If Communities is enabled, these users also have access to public pages in your communities. Site visitors have access to any information made available on an active public site. For each Guest User license, you can develop one site for your organization. For, Developer, Enterprise, Unlimited, and Performance Editions each come with unlimited Guest User licenses. 

For sites, Enterprise, Unlimited, and Performance Editions come with 25 Guest User licenses. Developer Edition comes with one Guest User license. Only - Designed for users who need access to but not to standard CRM functionality. Only users obtain the same rights as - One App users, plus they have access to the Content app. However, they don't have access to the Accounts and Contacts objects. Users have access to an unlimited number of custom tabs but are limited to the use of one custom app, which is defined as up to 20 custom objects. 

Each Only user also needs either a Contributor or Publisher feature license to access 

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