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Salesforce Customer 360: new and upcoming features overview

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17 February 2020

At the age of digital transformation and customer-centric marketing approach customers expect businesses to deliver connected experiences across all communication channels and touch points with the brand. To meet these expectations and build personalized customer experience a single data model for marketing, sales, B2B commerce, and service is an absolute "must" for prosperous companies. Salesforce Customer 360 is a cross-cloud solution that works as a single source of truth for several data sources. 

Salesforce's large events like Dreamforce and World Tour are focused on providing deeper insights into Customer 360. Salesforce World Tour 2019 in NYC has become another great opportunity to learn the latest big announcements from CRM Platform #1 worldwide, enjoy success stories from Trailblazers around the globe, ask directly Salesforce team the most challenging questions, network with partners, and have lots of fun of course. 

Customer 360 Highlights 

Salesforce Customer 360

The Opening Keynote hosted by Parker Harris, Salesforce Co-Founder & CTO, set the tone for the whole event by putting Customer 360 into the heart of the NY World Tour Day. Customer 360 isn’t a novelty these days. It was first announced at Dreamforce back in 2018, then extended by Customer 360 Truth at Dreamforce 2019 and now it has matured enough to offer successful experience based Trailblazer stories and business change examples.

Customer 360 experience has been the golden thread of the conference and the pulling power for all groups of attendees. Whether you are a Salesforce partner, Salesforce employee or a business user this is what unites all of s with the common goal to use the Platform to the full with the maximum benefit. 

What’s Customer 360?

The major dispute you could have heard since Customer 360 was first mentioned is where the major change lies: whether the transformation is around technology or marketing strategy. This is both and it starts with the mindset.

Working within Salesforce ecosystem you can sometimes be confused with the number of products, features, licenses and how they relate to each other and most importantly to the customer needs. From the marketing strategy perspective this is an all-in-one solution that can incorporate precisely as many capabilities of the Platform as matches the needs of the particular customer: 

  • Customer 360 Apps
  • Analytics (Tableau)
  • Commerce Cloud
  • Marketing Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Sales Cloud
  • Einstein 

What does it mean for businesses? Customers are enabled to connect clients' data, authenticate identity, govern privacy, segment audiences, and personalize experiences.

The technology change is represented by the tools to enable global customer profile view including Global ID,  and Customer 360 Data Manager, Mulesoft.

Salesforce Customer 360

Louis Vuitton Trailblazer Success Story

Louis Vuitton was definitely awarded the Trailblazer of the New York World Tour Day as their journey with Salesforce was featured at the opening keynote and Customer 360 session. What we saw is how the 360 data manager processed the customer records to generate unique customer IDs. And how Einstein prompts personal shoppers to offer goods based on the customer purchase history and goods compatibility models  - all done in the mobile app. 

Heads-up! New Arrivals

Here are some Salesforce announcements from the keynote sessions  of Salesforce World Tour in New York that we don’t have the details for yet, but we will keep these bookmarked and looking for upcoming releases highlights: 

  • Salesforce Blockchain for Every Industry 
  • Sustainability Cloud
  • Developer 360 and new Release Management tools (Lightning Sandboxes; Data Mask)
  • Security Policies and Connectivity ( Security Command Center; Private Connect)

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