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Salesforce Clouds: when to implement which one

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Published by jetbi
21 July 2021

Salesforce became the first company in the world that took CRM to the cloud, enabling companies to access all of their customer information online, from any device, anywhere in the world. A well-thought-out platform provides a great basis for business. And this great idea gave rise to Salesforce Clouds - platform-based solutions for a wide range of industries and business cases. Let’s dive into Salesforce Clouds World and explore when to implement which one.

Sales Cloud

Initially, Salesforce was created as a tool for the sales teams. No wonder that Sales Cloud is the core reason for pride. It enhances the everyday work of sales teams giving endless possibilities of comfortable and effective teamwork. 

If your everyday challenges are spinning around leads, opportunities, accounts, and contacts, Sales Cloud is the most comfortable place to keep all the necessary information in one place. Your sales reps definitely deserve a comfortable working platform without struggling with disorganized customer data. The structured sales process with info about customers at fingertips fosters streamlined communication with clients and productivity increases.  In-depth Lead, Opportunity, Contact, and Account management can deliver tailored sales experiences. Pipeline and Sales forecasting can bring data-driven insights for sales reps and their managers. Daily sales tasks can be streamlined by a variety of Process Automation tools, such as Flow, Process builder. A high-productive sales workspace can be built with High Velocity Sales. Quotes for orders can be quickly generated by the CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) Tool. Great possibilities for building different Reports and Dashboards can bring a clear overview of the whole sales process. Mobile CRM will make available all the necessary sales data all over the world, in every place and circumstance. Moreover, the platform has almost endless possibilities for customization to suit the boldest customer requirements.

Service Cloud

Once the sales reps succeed in selling, the customer journey doesn’t end. Customer service and support are important milestones in the clients’ experience. And Service Cloud is the most well-considered place to meet the customers’ cases with the professionals. The administration module of Service Cloud improves case management, automates support processes, and provides a comfortable knowledge tool to support agents. Building one-to-one marketing relationships with every customer becomes easier with various omnichannel communication tools. Call-centers, social media support, live agent support, knowledge bases are so handy with Service Cloud both for the clients and the agents. 

Marketing Cloud

This marketing automation SaaS Platform by Salesforce gives great possibilities for personalizing customer journeys. Marketing Cloud could be helpful for your marketing and sales team in constructing effective customer engagement with various channels. The great possibilities of predictive analytics and AI can make team-customer interaction so productive as never before. Email Studio will help in building personalized emails, Journey Builder will streamline all the cross-channel touchpoints with the customers, including mobile, direct mail, email, service, advertising, and sales.  Salesforce CDP (Customer Data Platform) will bring and unify all the data about customers in one place. Datorama facilitates marketing reporting, data visualization, and optimization. Pardot will automate B2B Sales activities for more effective Leads nurturing. The customer audience can be effectively managed and targeted with Advertising Studio. Mobile and social media interactions can be tailored with Mobile and Social Studio.

Experience Cloud

The leap into the digital world requires customizable and responsive touchpoints to engage with the customers. Experience Cloud provides an easy and powerful way to build customer service portals, communities for employees, partner portals, websites, and apps, personalized for the customer to build an online experience. Connecting directly with your partners, customers, resellers, and even employees, managing the content becomes feasible out-of-the-box with self-help features, forums, knowledge base, mobile apps. Experience Cloud is the latest iteration of more recognizable Salesforce Communities and was presented with the concept Salesforce Digital 360, a consolidation of all Salesforce software solutions.

Commerce Cloud

If shopping online, as retail for end customers and wholesale for other companies, is a key part of your business, Commerce Cloud could enhance this process in a cohesive way with your Salesforce ecosystem. B2B and B2C Commerce Cloud allow building online and offline customer experience with thoughtful websites, mobile applications, storefronts, giving a wide range of possibilities for this sphere out-of-the-box. Both B2C worldwide brands with the necessity of multilingual diverse markets for millions of shoppers all over the world, and B2B companies with regular wholesale customers, who re-orders a great number of items, can find lots of features in Commerce Cloud. B2B Commerce will help to place orders for hundreds of items with Shopping Carts and place frequent orders with Two-Click Reorders and Order Management. Custom Storefront themes and full customization give a unique look to your business. Complex shipping functionality will ensure the customer’s satisfaction. B2C Commerce will create a unified customer journey by Integrated eCommerce, marketing, and services. Einstein's artificial intelligence will help to make data-driven decisions. 

Health Cloud

The health care industry is evolving from just medical records management to providing comprehensive patient relationships. Health Cloud uses the power of the cloud, mobile and social technologies to unite patients, their families, service providers, hospital administration, and insurance companies in collaborative care networks. Health Cloud is a great environment for all the medical data, including full patient profiles, history of applied medication, data from medical devices and wearables, insurance, and care plans.

Education Cloud

Salesforce Education Cloud provides the ecosystem for the entire student lifecycle. It unites students and educational institutions and implies most of the student activities from Admissions and Recruitment to Institution operations and Alumni engagement. Communication journeys, Student communities, multi-channel services streamline students’ engagement, Online applications, recruiting events, onboarding journeys, enrollment management can make Education institutions and students closer.

Nonprofit Cloud

Great missions deserve great technologies. Nonprofit Cloud is a bundle of solutions that act together to help mission-based organizations connect with donors, manage campaigns, track volunteers,  support clients, and control nearly everything else they need to do to succeed. Grantmaking, Fundraising, special programs management, marketing, and engagement can help make this world a bit kinder. 

Financial Services Cloud

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud helps independent investors, bankers, advisors, and insurance agents provide great service to their clients. It’s designed to support wealth management, retail banking, commercial banking, and insurance carrier markets. Financial accounts management and Banker console will keep all the necessary data in one place. Client and Household List Segmentation, Needs Assessment options, Advisor analytics, Wealth reports, and dashboards will provide the whole picture of your financial services customers.


As we can see, Salesforce gives a wide range of possibilities in different spheres. Moreover, a variety of add-ons from third-party AppExchange partners creates an almost boundless pool of business cases. For example, your sales reps will appreciate the Tool of comparing products or services  - Advantage, or build an effective sales rep script with Conversayit. Salesforce Clouds provide a really great bunch of thoroughly thought-out solutions out-of-the-box for all occasions and give endless possibilities for customization that could streamline your business in the most progressive way. 


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