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Release notes: Automated Vacation Booking Delight

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Published by jetbi
23 August 2023

Finding a balance between work and personal life has become more crucial in today's fast-paced society. Employees who take vacations can unwind and refresh so they can operate at their best when they return. However, both the HR department and employees frequently complain about the difficulty of the vacation booking process. We introduce the latest updates and improvements for our project that fully automate the vacation booking procedure and give managers and employees access to practical resources.




Key Updates

Let's now delve into the following key updates:

Employee Filter: Our product makes it simple for each employee to filter out vacation requests. Now, HR professionals can easily manage employee vacations by finding the information they need quickly and precisely.

Vacationing Employees Filter: Managers and team leaders will find this feature especially valuable. They can quickly ascertain which team members will be away for a set amount of time, enabling effective resource allocation and workload distribution based on personnel availability.

Team Filter: We've made it possible to sort vacation requests into several categories. In order to minimize potential problems, this provides HR departments and managers insight into which teams may be temporarily absent owing to vacations.

Additional Functionality

We have implemented a feature that automatically cancels a vacation request if one of the approvers declines it. In such cases, the second approver will see the status of the request as 'Auto-Declined'. This helps prevent the delays and difficulties caused by absences during holidays on the part of one of the approvers. 

Work has also been done on:

  • Enhanced User Experience: We've implemented improvements to the application's GUI, resulting in a smoother and more enjoyable user experience.
  • Streamlined Date Display: Date display difficulties have been addressed, making the vacation booking process clearer and more user-friendly.
  • Improved Knowledge Transfer: We've made fixes to ensure that folders containing knowledge transfer papers are appropriately accessible during vacations, leading to a better-organized and more secure knowledge transfer procedure.
  • Time-saving Automation: Project-specific knowledge transfer documents now auto-populate fields, saving valuable time and effort while guaranteeing accurate information transfer.



Our project offers businesses a practical, effective, and automated solution to control the vacation booking procedure. Planning and managing resources are made simpler by employee, team, and vacation filters, and the system's efficiency and dependability are much improved by newly added features. There will no longer be a difficulty manually canceling vacations for second approvers. Let our project speed up and reduce the chance of mistakes in the way you schedule your vacations. Enjoy your vacation without any hassles!

Nikolay Kotovich
Certifies QA Engineer

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