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Practical Salesforce features for HR analytics

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Published by JET BI
28 November 2023


In previous article, we've talked about various HR metrics that managers and employees can use in their work. HR metrics serve as a basis for decision-making and approval of the company's goals with the HR management strategy. The use of HR metrics allows organizations to track the status and performance of their staff.

Today, we would like to show you what important HR metrics you can track in reports and dashboards on the Salesforce platform for your practical HR Management and HR Analytics. With Salesforce's highly customizable nature, you can create automated standard and customized HR reports and get insights and statistics about every aspect of your HR processes.


Reports on the number of members on your team

We can generate workforce reports for any period of time, allowing you to track standard metrics and easily generate any report requested by management. The data will always be correct because it uses information from a single database.
For example, the "Number of employees by month" report shows on the dashboard the dynamics of changes in the total number of employees in each month, which allow you to assess the fulfillment of the headcount indicator.

Dashboards on the structure of personnel, available resources by department and by skill level, etc. are also easily built on the basis of the HR data. Dashboards show the balance of the personnel structure and help managers make strategic decisions on how to allocate company resources to change the number of employees in the required sector.

Candidate Search

We know how to automate many HR processes and integrate based on Salesforce, so recruitment was the first process we automated in our company.
We can now monitor hiring in general and its specific performance by vacancy. Thanks to the reports, you can see the pace of recruiters' work to close the vacancy, what stages candidates are at and can adjust the priority of candidate search.

It is also easy to build a report on the candidate funnel, where you can see why and which candidates are rejected most often, how many percent of candidates pass each stage, the size of salary requests, what percentage reaches the final vacancy, etc. 
In general, the data will help you understand the real situation on the job market and the alignment of job seekers' expectations with the company's realities.

Employee turnover

This is one of the most informative indicators of the employee life cycle in the company. Total turnover shows how things are going, whether there is no dramatic outflow of employees and allows you to compare the dynamics of the indicator for different periods.

Different types of turnover show the correlation of employees leaving the company with changes in the company, current activities in the social life of the company and in the location, etc. 
Therefore, such a type of indicator as "Turnover by reasons of dismissal" clearly indicates what the biggest reasons should be paid attention to in order to take targeted measures to prevent them. We can also calculate the turnover rate of production and non-production personnel, taking into account the initiator of dismissal, the company or the employee's desire.

Vacation and time off reporting

Due to HR automation tools on Salesforce we can not only keep track of vacation days and days off, but also generate a detailed and easily customizable report on vacation days and days off used. The report also provides a breakdown of the types of absences - paid and unpaid vacations, sick days and days off. 
You can generate a vacation balance report either for an individual employee, by department(s) or for all employees in the company as a whole.

Custom Reports

Salesforce allows you to make any necessary reports to which you will give access to the necessary range of interested participants.
And the ability to create your own unique custom report to analyze your tasks or combine several different metrics in a single document, allows you to get insights from a wide range of people's data.
What the composition is in each employee department by gender, age, qualifications, contact information and much more - the system allows you to customize this in minutes and share it with the right players on your team.



Salesforce reports and dashboards is really a flexible system with exhaustive capabilities to perform necessary HR analytics. Simply and quickly you can get the necessary aspect and reliable data about your employees and their performance to make effective business decisions.

If you need consultation on HR process automation, building reports and dashboards according to HR-metrics and would like to implement them in your company, please fill in the form.

Ruslan Krapivin
Human Resources Director
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