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Perform competitor analysis with new version of "Advantage" package for Salesforce

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Published by JET BI
30 August 2023



Competitor analysis helps companies with understanding their market and competitors, weaknesses and strengths, and thereby identify areas of growth. Advantage was created to empower Salesforce CRM capabilities in this area. Our Team is constantly working on custom Salesforce Apps development and we are glad to present a new Advantage package Summer 2023!

In our latest release we include three new additions: Advantage Wizard, Manual Segmentation and Segmentation Filtering Options. And we would like to share all these new features with you.

Advantage Wizard

The main feature of the new package is Advantage Wizard. It is an easy-to-use tool with many features in it, such as:

  • Creation of Accounts/Products for competitor analysis
  • Creation of attribute value and attribute value scores for Accounts/Products
  • Segmentation calculation and recalculation
  • Possibility to edit existing attribute value and scores
  • Also you can create up to 20 attributes at once and the potential of this feature is far beyond that

With Advantage Wizard you get:

  • Instrument to upload data for Accounts/Products competitor analysis fast and easy
  • Possibility to save your data for segmentation (attributes, attribute values and scores) and continue with segmentation calculation itself later
  • Friendly UI to create data for segmentation calculation manually, including
    • Field type automatically identification according to attributes values. This field type can be changed manually
    • Attribute score multiplier
    • Possibility to exclude some data from segmentation

Segmentation calculation results are displayed on battle card:

Manual Segmentation

The next new feature that our Salesforce Developers created is Manual Segmentation. It is a possibility to manually divide competitors between segments when it is required for your business purposes. And here are some screenshots to represent this feature. 

It is possible to add as many segments as you need, add required attributes for segmentation, these attributes can be a competitor’s name,  location, number of employees or any other component relevant to your research. 

When you are done with segments and attributes configuration you can save manual segmentation settings and  start segmentation calculations. Results you can check on the Segmentation chart.


Filtering Options

And last but not least is filtering options. This feature provides you with the possibility to have a deeper control on which Account/Product records will be used in Segmentation calculation and will be displayed on battlecards. This feature is very valuable if you have several lines of business that can use the same attributes for competitor analysis, but you want to calculate segmentation only for specific lists of Accounts/Products.  Filters in Advantage use object list views so it is a very flexible feature in configuration. Also our custom application developers incorporated Advantage filtering features into all existing ways of segmentation calculation (Auto, Manual and Wizard).



The new build of Advantage shows that the product has a lot of potential and has much more to show in the future. It is a unique and useful instrument to analyze competitors on the market and comes as irreplaceable for building your business strategy and bringing more Salesforce automation to your Salesforce Clouds. If you are interested in the Advantage App, please contact us for a demo.  Also feel free to contact us if you want to develop you custom Salesforce solution or need help in Salesforce Implementation and Salesforce Development.

Julia Solomenko
Salesforce Practice Head of Enterprise Solutions
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