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Parking Cloud Administrator Dashboard on Tableau

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12 October 2020

The main goal of TableauⓇ is to help people see and understand data. This business intelligence and analytics tool harnesses the power of customer data by connecting all data sources and providing detailed analytics to everyone in the organization.

Tableau also enables the usage of more advanced data visualization tools and already includes built-in integration with Salesforce.

With the use of Tableau we have enhanced the Parking Automation solution by JET BI,  Parking Cloud

Parking Cloud is a business application for the management of parking spaces and receiving information about the occupancy of parking spaces in real-time.

Business Person Parking Administrator is able to manage parking lots, analyze the optimal use of parking spaces and occupancy rate.

Based on Tableau, we have created an extended dashboard for Parking Administrators, which allows assessing the current parking lots situation in the city with a single glance.

tableau report


Our Parking Administrator's dashboard contains the following information:

  • Total Number of Parking Lots vs Occupied Parking Lots;
  • Parking Location Map;
  • Occupation by Statuses;
  • Quantity of Parking Lots on Parking;
  • Top-6 Parking Lots by Rating.

The proposed dashboard increases the analysis rate of the current parking situation for the Administrator and helps make the right management decisions, e.g.: 

  • Сreating additional parkings and redistributing the load on them from existing ones;
  • Analysis of parking load during the day/month/year;
  • Conclusions regarding the cleanliness and convenience of parking lots based on user ratings.

Would you like to empower your team with an scalable best-in-class analytics platform to unlock insights from any source? Get in touch and we will provide you details about the platform and with Tableau implementation pricing. 

Ekaterina Rusakovich
Business Analyst
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