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Pardot Exam Specialist preparation short guideline

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Published by jetbi
05 January 2023

After getting a Certificate of Pardot Specialist our Marketing Cloud specialist decided to share knowledge and experience in exam preparation with you. Hope this information will be useful for those who are planning to get the Certification too.

  1. Date of the Exam 

The first thing we recommend to start with is to determine the date of the exam. By having the exact date, you will be more organized in preparing for the exam. Plan to spend at least 5-8 weeks.

  1. Exam Guide

Check out the Guide. You will find the structure of the exam, find out what percentage of all questions each section makes up, and you will be able to correctly prioritize the study of the material.

  1. Trailheads 

Another resource we strongly recommend checking out is Trailmix. Trailheads and documentation are presented here, divided into sections. We recommend studying each document thoroughly, as the exam will contain questions with clear wording from the documentation.

  1. Additional resources 

But this knowledge will not be enough to successfully pass the exam. we recommend studying additional resources, fortunately, there are a lot of them in the public domain. Study articles and videos - this will help deepen your knowledge and understand all the smallest details.

We found lots of great articles here, and also recommend seeing Salesforce Pardot Specialist BootCamp Salesforce Pardot Specialist BootCamp.

If after watching a video or reading an article you do not fully understand how this or that element works, figure it out and find the answer. If your company or you personally are already working with Pardot, then try to remember or find out from colleagues what requests were received from customers, and what problems arose during work, try to work through every moment, and find a solution yourself. Also, there are a lot of questions and answers on StackExchange from real Pardot users which might be useful while learning the platform. All of this will help you identify your knowledge gaps and fill them. It is well known that if a student needs to find the answer to a question, the brain cells have to make additional paths in the process of searching. This is a great practice to achieve a positive result in your studies. 

  1. Practice 

It is crucial to have hands-on experience with the app (better to use the Pardot Lightning App). You should easily navigate through Pardot and know it like the back of your hand.

It is very important to know and understand what information is on each tab, to have knowledge of reports, and to know all the possibilities of each marketing element (form, lists, templates) and automation tools. This knowledge and skills will be useful to you not only in your future work but also in the exam, where there are quite many questions related to the structure of the application.

  1. Mock exams 

At the moment, publicly available on the internet, you can find many examples of exam questions. It is unlikely that they will meet you on the exam because questions are constantly updated and changed, but working with them will get you ready for the style of the questions, and can highlight those topics that require additional study. Therefore, do not try to remember all correct answers, you really need to understand each question, find the answer in the Trailheads or documentation, and understand why only this answer is correct and others are not suitable.

  1.  Make notes

This is a great way to create a structured personal file from bulk information in which you can quickly find the information you need. Google Docs is great for this. Save important information on each topic, and be sure to include a link to a resource, whether it's an article, video, trailhead, or documentation. Add screenshots of useful tables and diagrams that you come across while studying. Save questions you didn't know the answer to with an explanation of the correct answer and a link to the resource. This is a great tool for preparing for the exam, as well as for further work.

  1. Exam registration

Signing up for the exam is easy, all you need is to go through the guide, and just follow the steps described there.  

  1. Exam 

As for the exam, get yourself together, don't worry, and trust yourself. you passed a huge way of preparation and your work will definitely give a positive result, and in the end, you will see the cherished PASS on the screen!


We hope these tips will help you to successfully pass the exam on the first try. Good luck!

Alina Klyukach
Marketing Cloud Specialist
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