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Overview of the Top-7 solutions of the smart shelf industry

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Published by JET BI
29 December 2023


In the modern and rapidly evolving world, simple shelves and scales have given way to and transformed into high-tech and intelligent shelves and scales. The use of smart shelves expands the range of available capabilities and functionalities. 

The global market for smart shelves is expected to reach an impressive volume by 2027, marked by a considerable annual growth rate. Europe is predicted to emerge as the largest market for smart shelves in 2024, with the Asia-Pacific region demonstrating the highest growth rate throughout the projected period.

The market growth can be attributed to industries' pursuit of competitiveness through the implementation of automation, increased efficiency, cost reduction, and data collection in an ever-evolving market.

Primarily, the application of digital shelves is in retail and wholesale trade, warehouse logistics, and manufacturing, where automated inventory management and providing up-to-date information on the movement of goods are determining factors for success and achieving commercial benefits. The absence of proper product smart inventory can lead to significant losses and missed opportunities.

In this article, we explore 7 manufacturers, each of which has similar functionality but distinctive features.


JET BI - Smart Shelf Nano-made – Smart shelf
Mettler Toledo
- Smart
Amazon - Dash Smart Shelf AWM - Smart Shelf Adastra - Smart Shelf WiiHey - Smart shelf
SSFC integrat yes no no no no no no
Mobile App yes no no yes no no yes
Web App yes yes yes no yes yes yes
Consump statistic yes yes no no no yes yes
notificat yes no yes yes yes yes yes
Forecast yes no no no no no no
Scalability yes yes yes no yes yes yes
Reports no no no no yes yes no
Weighing sensors yes yes yes yes no yes yes
Integrat camera
for visual analytics
yes no no no yes no no
Branding & customiz.
of the shelf
yes yes no no yes no no
Artificial product recognit. yes yes no no no no no
open Source yes yes no no no no no


The AWM Smart Shelf is a dynamic LED panel initially developed for automatic inventory management. This solution is implemented through the use of wide-angle HD cameras with low light levels on the back wall of the facade. This allows for tracking individual items or their barcodes. Configured notifications about product availability can be triggered automatically or on a schedule. The manufacturer also sees a special application for its shelf in the areas of targeting and merchandising. The Smart Shelf system includes an LED facade that displays dynamic videos and animations. This feature enables easy modification of prices, promotions, and advertising for a specific product with a simple button press on the AWM User Portal. This significantly streamlines the creation of planograms and the merchandising process.

Nanomade's Smart Shelf places emphasis on high-precision force measurement sensors capable of determining the type, location, shape, and quantity of items on the shelf. These sensors make any surface sensitive to various weights. Sales and inventory management data are transmitted to a web application and automatically updated in real-time. The key competitive advantage lies in scalability and coverage of large areas.

The SmartShelf system from Mettler Toledo includes shelves, integrated scales, and separate A/D converters for each scale pad. The shelves have one, four, or six integrated scales mounted on top, which can be sequentially connected to other shelves. The web application determines the average unit weight of the goods, enabling inventory tracking and consumption monitoring. Notifications allow for reporting on shelf stock, determining the need for replenishment, and placing orders automatically.

The Adastra Smart Shelf utilizes patented pressure-sensitive printed sensor technology to track product loading on each shelf in real-time, transmitting information to an Internet of Things (IoT) platform. Like other manufacturers, it offers notifications when critical stock levels are reached, and the platform allows customization of reports for subsequent sales trend analysis and procurement decisions.

The WiiHey Smart Shelf system is implemented through the use of weight sensors for inventory management and RFID shelf. Weight sensors can be integrated into the shelf itself or installed under regular shelves, making it suitable for small-sized or soft and flexible items, such as clothing. RFID tags and readers can also be integrated into the shelf or installed behind, under, or above regular shelves, suitable for relatively large items. The system collects statistics and prevents Out-Of-Stock situations by alerting when stock levels are low or critical.

Amazon Dash Smart Shelf operates with built-in weight sensors and comes in three sizes. Its distinctive feature is automatic replenishment of supplies from a list of compatible products on the Amazon platform. This function can be replaced with a notification without a reorder option.

And finally, the Smart Shelf from JETBI. The solution is implemented using weight sensors and can additionally be integrated with a camera. Information gathering on consumption and notifications about critical stock levels are no longer surprising. The need for manual inventory has disappeared as the Smart Shelf performs item counting. All of this has long been implemented in the JETBI Smart Shelf. However, the manufacturer aims to incorporate cutting-edge technologies and stay current, continuously adding new features and functionalities. The system includes a forecasting feature and a product recognition function. Special attention is also given to customizing the application according to the client's needs.



In today's business landscape, there is a clear understanding that accurate real-time inventory tracking helps reduce downtime, labor costs, and excess inventory expenditures. The retail sector is beginning to recognize the advantages that an intelligent shelf management system offers, not only for tracking purchase histories but also for measuring marketing trends and customer preferences.

The smart shelf market is far from saturated, providing manufacturers in this niche with ample room for development and growth. Overall, the prospects of the smart shelf market appear quite promising. The market is poised for rapid expansion, driven by technological breakthroughs, changing consumer trends, and the imperative to optimize operations.

Should the Smart Shelf solution by JET BI capture your interest, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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