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The Oculus Quest 2 review

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04 January 2021



Oculus Quest 2 will increase VR penetration worldwide and make virtual reality reach every household. It is affordable, user-friendly, and stylish. No surprise the Quest 2 sales take off radically. Every specification of this headset has been improved. The price is the best on the VR market, starting at $299,99. So this device makes a step further to mass-market VR and consumer-friendly hardware. This review outlines the VR JET BI team experience with the Oculus Quest 2.


Usage experience

Let us start with the out-of-box experience. It has to be mentioned the Oculus Quest 2 whole package design, including the box, impresses. Every detail of this headset is of good quality, elaborate, and stylish. The built quality is excellent. From the first look at the device, you see it is designed to easily and quickly jump into virtual reality. Everything looks user-friendly. It is definitely a great stocking-stuffer.


When you take the headset in your hands, the first thing you will notice is its weight. The device is lighter and more comfortable to wear than the Quest. The strap adjustment is excellent, balancing off the weight of the headset across the entire skull. 


The foam facial interface pad is of premium quality. As we use the helmet by many people, we confirm that it is easy to change it; we've already tested it. Plus, this pad is supportive and minimizes the load on the cheeks and forehead. To sum up, this foam is an additional attractive feature. 

The next thing to get the experience started is to sign in with the Facebook account, using the Oculus app on the smartphone. The process of pairing the devices doesn’t take too much time.


When the devices are paired, the user has to set up the room: to scale the place and draw safe boundaries around the area. This step is crucial to safeguard your health and not to hurt yourself. Just in case, when you are in the middle of a VR experience, and you trespass the boundaries, the built-in cameras switch on, and you can see your surroundings. Another thing that you need to adjust is the inter-pupillary distance (IPD). You can choose from three preset: 

  • Preset one is 58mm,
  • Preset two is 63 mm,
  • Preset three is 68mm.

By default, the Oculus Quest 2 ships at IPD preset 2, which covers the average IPD. 

The display is the next thing made to impress the user. We confirm what was claimed at the Facebook product demo; it is crisp. With a single LCD, the Oculus Quest 2 packs in 50% more pixels than OLED. It is comfortable and pleasant to look at long-distance details and up-close objects. The color reproduction and richness are well rounded. The dark spaces do not cause any concern, even though black levels appear to grey in some cases. We’ve mentioned that some people who are sensitive to motion sickness do not report any troubles during the experience during the testing. It is connected with another benefit of the headset: its higher refresh rate. 

All the experience is smooth and realistic. It does not take much time to go from menus to the app. When you enter an app, you enjoy real-time lighting, bloom effects, improved shades.

We’ve downloaded the apps from the Oculus application on the phone and the official Oculus Store. Everything works smoothly and perfectly.

The manufacturer claims to provide 2-3hours of gameplay before you need to charge it up again. So the battery life matches the announced parameter and our expectation. We do not use an Elite strap with a built-in battery, so this is the next feature for us to try.


We’ve enjoyed the speaker, especially while we were playing the Beat Saber. You have the chance to enjoy louder volume, better bass, and fuller sound.

The next thing we want to touch upon is controllers. They are of gorgeous design. What is well-thought-out is that home and menu buttons are moved directly under each controller's joystick. So this improvement allows not to be interrupted during VR experiences by pressing the menu or home button by accident. We've marked haptic motors inside the controllers, but we haven't managed to find an app where it is in focus. So, there is a place for improvement. By default, the device continually looks for controllers. When it doesn't find them, it'll automatically enable hand tracking, which uses the front camera to see the hands and translate them into virtual reality.


Our VR CRM Real Estate solution٭ is designed for HTC Vive. As there is the possibility to stream apps from the PC with the Oculus Link cable, we’ve decided to test it. It ran nice. Also, there is an option to stream wirelessly with the help of Virtual Desktop but bear in mind, to claim a better experience, the perfect pair will be a faster Wi-Fi 6.


If you are still facing the dilemma to purchase or not the Oculus Quest 2, consider the following.

What our team likes about the device:

  • A nice-looking design;
  • Well-arranged set-up;
  • Excellent resolution;
  • Superior tracking;
  • Availability of high-end, tethered device specs on this portable device.

 Which features our team has concerns about in the Quest 2:

  • The obligatory Facebook log-in with your account's help, and the social media giant collecting, storing your virtual reality information;
  • The highest-end processor with a 90 Hz option still is a nice feature. In reality, apps run at 72Hz, so it is still in the future to assess. 


The Oculus Quest 2 is the best standalone headsets we’ve worked with. It is lighter and cheaper than the previous Quest. Every specification has been improved. So, our team sees the potential to provide our virtual reality solutions in Real Estate, Field Service, Training with the Oculus Quest 2, so we vote for this cool user-friendly wireless headset! What about you: do you fall in love with this device from the very first touch? Or Can you share your doubts about why you're hesitating to buy it? Or Have you managed to find any bugs that make you refuse to accept this device? 

About Author

VR JET BI team consists of experienced and certified Salesforce and VR/AR developers and consultants. We are passionate about revolutionary immersive technologies and focused on delivering the best solutions that allow businesses to grow. We create unique personalized experiences to astonish customers. All the solutions are enterprise-ready with native Salesforce and SAP integrations. The expertise includes Real Estate and Design, Retail and E-commerce, Training industries.   

Anna Metsik-Peshko is a consultant with 3+ years of experience on deployment of immersive technologies at the enterprise. The industries she has been working with include Real Estate, Retail, Gas and Oil, Training, Healthcare. 

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JET BI VR CRM for Real Estate provides a new fun experience for property buyers. This immersive solution with one of the best CRM, Salesforce, allows Real Estate companies to access customer insights, needs, and preferences, allowing them to act smartly and win more deals.

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