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Maximizing Efficiency: Unveiling the Top 5 Functions of Agenda Runner

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Published by jetbi
30 June 2023

Spending hours organizing and managing business meetings could be really tiring. Sometimes it’s hard to track their efficiency, and then keep in mind all tasks that have to be created in Jira. So what is the solution to this problem? Let’s introduce Agenda Runner - the ultimate application that will help your company increase productivity during meetings and save time for their conduct. With the powerful features of Agenda Runner and its integrations with Jira & Google Calendar, the application will transform the way you manage meetings. Today we want to review the top 5 Agenda Runner features and their values for your business.



1. Creating Meetings

Thanks to an intuitive interface, the process of creating a meeting is getting much easier, and all settings for this are gathered on one page. You just need to specify the name of the meeting, and the participant’s e-mail address and click on the "Create" button. That's it! A new meeting is instantly initiated. 

Of course, the application offers more than just creating meetings with colleagues. You can easily set up the start date and time, choose duration or specify the time at which you want to end. How often do you hold your meetings? Every week? Just use the checkbox "weekly meeting" while creating and your meeting will be automatically created every week. 

The process of creating the meeting goes like this:

1. Click on the button [Meet now] 

2. At the pop-up window fill in the required field ‘Meeting Subject’ 

3. Optionally you can specify:

  • Start Date/Time
  • Duration
  • Participants
  • Jira Project in which you will create TODOs
  • Also, using check-boxes you can make meeting public and weekly. 

4. At the end click on the "Create" button.



2. Integration with Google Calendar

Easily integrate Agenda Runner into your Google Calendar by simply including a link to the application in the ‘participants’ field when creating a meeting. Also, when you create a meeting in Google Calendar, you can easily create an agenda for a future meeting. Just stick to the given structure when creating an agenda, and you can create a meeting with the necessary items and time to discuss them. Say goodbye to manual setup and hello to streamlined meeting organization with Agenda Runner and Google Calendar.

1. Open your Google Calendar

2. Click on the button [Create event]

3. At the pop-up window fill in the required field "Title"

4. In the field "guests" specify the sync link (given by the administrator) 

5. Also in this field specify the emails of meeting participants

6. Choose the Start Date/Time and Duration of the  meeting

7. Also, you can create a meeting agenda in the field "description". Just stick to the following structure and avoid extra spaces:


  • 15 min - Sprint discussion
  • 15 min - Tasks estimation
  • 10 min - Questions and answers

8. At the end click on the "Save" button and new meeting will be instantly created in the Agenda Runner and Google Calendar.



3. Integration with Jira

For teams using Jira for project management, Agenda Runner offers a powerful integration solution. By linking the App with the Jira of your organization you can specify the Jira project while creating the meeting: just specify the Jira Token in the synchronization page and App allows easily creating and assigning TODOs while discussing items. And after the meeting ends, these TODOs will be automatically created in the corresponding Jira project. Sounds cool, right? You should try it will see how it allows you to increase the productivity of meetings and reduce the time for recording the results.

Here is the example of set up necessary settings: 

  • Create a new meeting and specify the Jira project in the appropriate field.
  • Click on this meeting in the dashboard and open it.
  • Click on the button [Edit Jira API key] and paste your Jira token into the appropriate field.
  • Then click on the [test] button and after successful validation save changes.

Everything is ready to create TODOs in your meeting/





4. Permissions and Opportunities for Guests

Agenda Runner provides granular control over meeting participant permissions. You can assign different levels of access to participants right during the meeting, allowing them to write and assign comments on the items, and create and assign TODOs to other participants. Additionally, guests can easily leave valuable comments if while creating the meeting the check box "Is Public Agenda Creation Allowed" is set up. With Agenda Runner, collaboration knows no bounds.

To create comments you can make it in two ways:

  • Set the "public meeting" checkbox when creating a meeting.
  • Or click on the guest's name at the top of the meeting page. In this case, this guest will be highlighted in green and he will also be able to create TODOs. The organizer can at any time cancel the permission for a particular guest by clicking on his name again.



5. Meeting Minutes

Taking and managing meeting minutes can be a tedious task. But Agenda Runner simplifies this process by capturing all the vital information discussed during the meeting. From items and comments to TODOs, every detail is recorded accurately. As a result, you can conveniently have the meeting minutes readily available for reference whenever needed. You also can effortlessly download the meeting minutes to a convenient DOC format, or send the file with meeting minutes to your email.




Agenda Runner proves to be an invaluable tool for businesses seeking to enhance their online meeting management. Through its 5 exceptional features, it empowers organizations to streamline operations and maximize productivity. The application's robust collaboration tools enable real-time communication, effortless file sharing, and note-taking, fostering active engagement and efficient decision-making. By leveraging these outstanding features, businesses can optimize their online meetings, save valuable time, and achieve heightened efficiency, propelling them toward their desired goals.

The time of chaotic and unproductive meetings has gone and now get ready for a streamlined approach that drives results. Get your Agenda Runner demo today and experience a new era of efficient and collaborative meeting management!

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