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Marketing Cloud® - what's new? Short digest of Summer '22 Release

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Published by jetbi
15 July 2022

When: 17 July 2022

Marketing Cloud® Summer '22 joyed us with some top-end features which are already should be available in your MC instance. Let us guide you through the upcoming features and changes!


Get ready for new names

  • Marketing Cloud Engagement – previously Journeys;
  • Marketing Cloud Personalization – previously Interaction Studio;
  • Marketing Cloud Intelligence – previously Datorama;
  • Marketing Cloud Advertising - previously Advertising Studio;
  • Marketing Cloud Customer Data Platform – previously Salesforce CDP;
  • Marketing Cloud Account Engagement – previously Pardot.

Interaction Studio new abilities



  1. You can use nine configurable, real-time, behavioral triggers to start Marketing Cloud Journeys, such as a cart or browse abandonment, product price reduction, and product back-in-stock;
  2. You can send user information and recommendations from Interaction Studio to Journey Builder Entry Events, and then use that data for personalization and decision splits;
  3. You can run A/B tests and analyze the performance of your triggered campaigns with built-in reports and dashboards. 


Einstein and Analytics 


  1. Use the Live Weather App in Einstein Content Selection to promote content based on local weather conditions;
  2. What-if Analysis feature in Einstein Engagement Frequency helps determine the optimal number of messages to send to your contacts;
  3. Einstein Copy Insight's Subject Line Tester now offers predictive insights;
  4. Google Analytics now supports activity-level metrics in Journey Builder;
  5. Einstein models are updated for mail privacy protection to make more accurate predictions. 


Database Exports and backup


  1. Automate the export of cleansed and harmonized marketing data into your organization’s database;
  2. Make marketing data available to other parts of your organization for deeper analysis and insights;
  3. Back up your data in Intelligence in your preferred database, creating an audit-proof system of all enterprise data.


Customer Data Platform


  1. Systems and leveraged within personalized communications and 1:1 interactions;
  2. Unlock cross-cloud use cases by utilizing related customer profile attributes from marketing and non-marketing systems simultaneously during activation;
  3. Increase marketing reach and flexibility by activating data from the Customer Data Platform to Mobile Push contact points to drive personalized mobile messages.


Other news

Get Ready for Multi-Factor Authentication Enforcement in June. Are you onboard ofwith skipping Multi-Factor Authentication? :)  From now on you can’t do it. And this is for your safety.Two-factor authentication adds an additional layer of security to the authentication process by making it harder for attackers to gain access to a person's devices or online accounts.


Marketing Cloud is gradually retiring Email Studio classic Web Tools including landing pages and microsites in June 2022 and replacing them with an updated platform in CloudPages. CloudPages has a cleaner, faster user interface with improved content and collection sorting, and the ability to copy existing content. 


This platform knows how to surprise. Every release is just WOW. A vast number of new features, settings, and a lot of interesting and useful things.


Please share your thoughts if that is what you expected to see in the Summer’22 release? What features did you like the most? 


Irena Chistyakova
Marketing Cloud Developer

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