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Marketing Cloud Summer’23 Release Notes. JET BI’s Overview

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Published by jetbi
26 June 2023

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud  Summer '23 Product Release is set to start on June 3, 2023, and will continue through June 23, 2023. Once the new features are released, they will be available to your instance within a week.

The upcoming Summer '23 release of Salesforce Marketing Cloud brings an array of exciting changes across multiple areas. In the Marketing Cloud App, Setup, and Security release automation health and optimization take center stage with new features: alerts, reporting, validation, and improved performance. Content Builder gains the ability to manage and restore deleted content, while CloudPages now provides enhanced error messages to guide users through potential issues.

Cross-Cloud enhancements in Distributed Marketing empower users to customize email subject lines, adding a personal touch to their campaigns. Additionally, be prepared for Marketing Cloud Legacy REST API Route Changes, which may require adjustments to your existing workflow.

Developers will gain the capability to parse JSON data and personalize Marketing Cloud Content using AMPscript, enabling more dynamic and personalized content experiences. Journey Builder sees significant enhancements, including improvements to exit and goal criteria, the ability to download journey history via the REST API, and much more, all designed to optimize the customer journey and drive better engagement.

This release also brings improvements to personalized customer experiences, messaging capabilities, and intelligence reports, allowing marketers to gain deeper insights and make data-driven decisions. Stay tuned as we explore each area in detail, uncovering the exciting features and enhancements that await in the Summer '23 release for Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Marketing Cloud App, Setup, and Security 

Event Notification Service

If you haven't previously utilized the Event Notification Service for receiving alerts regarding specific events within Marketing Cloud, the Summer'23 update introduces an innovation that makes it inevitable for you to adopt this feature. With it, you can receive notifications tailored to your business needs, covering the automation initiation, completion, termination, errors, and omissions. These notifications will include crucial details such as the automation's name, type, business unit, file location, and error details.

Data Extensions

For those who have encountered the challenge of managing data extensions containing millions of records, the introduction of the ability to download data extension storage details will be seen as a much-awaited solution. As experts in Salesforce Marketing Cloud strive to optimize storage usage, improve performance, and ensure compliance with data privacy regulations, this enhancement provides the ability to monitor marketing data usage, remove unnecessary data, and update retention policies. It's important to note that while system data extensions are now included in the download, their storage usage is not provided as it does not impact your storage limit.

Automation Performance

SFMC team can now bid farewell to their days as automation detectives. By simply downloading automation history details as a CSV file, they can effortlessly analyze the performance of their automation over time, including identifying any problematic ones with high skip and error counts.

Contact Builder

Are you tired of using the old "SELECT * FROM A DE" approach to merge and transfer data between Data Extensions? Well, here's the good news! You no longer need to rely on SQL for this task. Simply create an import definition in Contact Builder, add it to an import activity, and incorporate the activity into your automation. By utilizing an Import activity, you'll experience data transferring that is 10 times faster than traditional SQL methods!

As for SQL query activities, their performance is improved by validating their syntax. With the latest update, the validator not only identifies potential select code issues that may negatively impact performance but also provide suggestions to enhance your code.


Content Builder

Users now have enhanced content management capabilities, allowing them to restore recycled content items without the need for support assistance. This can be accomplished by sending recoverable content to the Recycle Bin. It's worth noting that only users with the Delete permission set have access to the Content Builder Recycle Bin, and the content owner holds the exclusive ability to recycle it. 

CloudPages custom domain users now can create user-friendly error messages for situations such as incorrect URLs, and accessing unpublished or unrendered pages, enabling marketers to provide informative guidance to customers encountering these issues. 



As part of Salesforce's continuous dedication to customer trust and security, changes will be implemented in the legacy Contacts REST API routes to align them with the same data access restrictions enforced through the UI when accessing shared Data Extensions. These changes will take effect in the summer 2023 release, ensuring consistent data protection and access control. After the 2023 Summer release, the legacy Contacts REST API routes will adhere to the same data access rules as enforced through the UI when accessing shared Data Extensions. 

In terms of Distributed Marketing, administrators now can predefine multiple email subject line options, allowing agents to customize emails while providing the flexibility to define their subject lines. Additionally, administrators can establish Global Quick Send Default Values and extend tracking to all types of Distributed Marketing Send flows, enabling enhanced visibility into activities and effortless access to comprehensive communication history for contacts or leads through reporting capabilities. 


Updates for Developers

Expand your personalization possibilities by utilizing AMPscript alongside SSJS, and GTL to extract nested data. With the introduction of the AMPscript BuildRowsetFromJSON() function, which leverages the JSONPath syntax, you can effortlessly query imported data from any source. For instance, this function can be utilized to retrieve associated attributes from Data Cloud, opening up new avenues for data-driven personalization. 


Journey Builder

With the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Summer'23 innovations, you can take your customer journeys to the next level with hyper-personalized experiences by leveraging real-time data. Here are some notable features that will enhance your journey-building process:

  • Journey Builder System Optimization Dashboard: This powerful tool allows you to study information about your journeys and configurations. By analyzing this dashboard, you can gain insights that help improve system processing speed and optimize overall journey performance.
  • Enhanced Exit and Goal Criteria: Simplify your journeys with enhanced exit and goal criteria, applying both Journey and Contact data.
  • Viewing Journeys by Salesforce Data Entry Objects: you can identify and act on journeys that are close to meeting the APEX  limit of journeys per object. On the journeys Dashboards, select filters to see all journeys that use a Salesforce Data Entry event. To see a journey with a specific standard or custom object, you need to apply the respective subfilter. 
  • Downloading Journey Builder History via REST API: Marketing Cloud developers can download up to 30 days of journey history by business units using REST API to a CSV or TSV file.
  • Expandable and Collapsible Paths for Journey Navigation.
  • Email Activity Delivery Window without an hourly threshold. 

Also, you can back up data easily by exporting your data into Google BigQuery. If you need to highlight or isolate fields in your Pivot Table widget to obtain a more granular view of your data, you can use the new Drill-down and Filter options. The introduction of In-App dashboards brings you the ability to conveniently access and analyze both your in-app data and email data. This means you can now view and monitor these datasets together using the latest measurements and dimensions available in reports, pivot tables, and dashboards. 



By delving into the key insights of the SFMC Summer '23 release, you have gained a comprehensive understanding of how to enhance your email marketing program and customer journeys. Equipped with this knowledge, you are now empowered to take advantage of the latest innovations and make significant improvements. You can create more engaging content, optimize automation, refine subject lines, and generate more comprehensive and informative reports to gain valuable insights. With these advancements, you can expect to achieve superior outcomes from your email campaigns and messages, driving better engagement and results.

If you want to get the most recent updates and much more from Salesforce do not forget to submit your communication preferences. For more details, you can visit Salesforce’s official site. 

If you need more information about Salesforce Marketing Cloud Summer’23 release and think about how to apply these innovations in your instance, feel free to contact JET BI. For more information about other Salesforce products, you can study our LinkedIn, Facebook, Clutch, and Youtube

Anna Metsik-Peshko
Certified Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant / Administrator / Developer
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