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"Management System of the Major Construction Work” within the "Smart city" concept

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08 January 2019

In the presence of a large number of construction projects, there is a problem of timely control of investments expenditures, deviation of budget expenditures and time of construction in general.

Our solution, "Management System of the Major Construction Work” within the "Smart city" concept solves these problems and helps avoid unnecessary risks and problems at the early stages.

The solution is developed on SAP Leonardo platform and is based on SAP Cloud Platform and SAP Analytics Cloud.

Logging redirects you to a map of construction. There are green, yellow and red marks which indicate the status of construction objects:

  • Green mark means we are ahead of the schedule.
  • Yellow color is for a slight deviation.
  • Red mark shows that the object is far behind the plan.


The basic information about the object, such as the construction period, the name of the developer organization is placed on the “Information” tab.


"Management System of the Major Construction Work" allows to see the budget allocated and spent for each item of expenditure, as well as the percentage of the facility’s readiness for each quarter.


“Construction Progress” Tab, illustrates the statuses and photos of the object for specific dates, as well as information about the percentage of the budget and the percentage of readiness at this stage.


With the help of 3D Model functionality, the parts of an object can be selected and hidden, which will demonstrate the progress of the construction in stages.

Using together the data from the pictures, the readiness percentage of the object and the 3D model we can understand the real situation on the object.


Construction reportings have been created within the work on the project.
The first report shows a summary of the objects. We can see how many objects are built according to the plan, how many of them have deviations from the schedule and the readiness percentage of each object.


The “Object” tab provides more detailed information about each object: the costs of items and the percentage of readiness of the object, a budget development schedule.

The cost deviations are found while comparing the data of the schedule with the percentage of readiness.


The last report shows the actual costs for the articles in the context of time (in our case, by quarter). The time period and the object, as well as on the last tab, is selected on the left side of the screen.


Mikhail Gorelyshev
SAP Project Manager

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