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Main features of Marketing Cloud

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Published by jetbi
23 February 2021

Marketing Cloud helps marketers understand their customers, engage with them and track their journeys. Whether it can be a post, link, quote, or content engagement - Marketing Сloud sheds light on customer's profile for a better understanding of behavioral and demographic details which help turn interactions into sales. 

So let’s get familiar with Marketing Cloud features for a deeper understanding of how it works.

The most often used products of Marketing Cloud as follows :

  • Email Studio :
  • Mobile Studio 
  • Social Studio : 
  • Advertising Studio
  • Journey Builder
  • Salesforce DMP
  • Data Studio
  • Einstein


Email Studio

The point of the Email Studio hides in its name - it helps send personalized emails with data from Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, etc. It is an indispensable tool for any marketer as it can help send triggered, transactional or promotional from basic newsletters to big campaigns. 

Here is how the main dashboard looks like:


In the overview, there are shown recent emails, campaigns, and sent emails.

Content speaks for itself. Here personalized content is created according to requirements, so it can be sent to the subscribers. The content block includes text, HTML, images, buttons, dynamic content options.

Subscribers are people which have chosen to receive content from your organization (opt-in). One of the main requirements is a valid email address or phone number if you also use Mobile Studio for SMS communication.


You can store your subscribers creating lists or data extensions. Moreover, it’s possible to collect information about subscriptions, demographics, and personal data.


With A/B testing you can check which email is more successful in terms of open rate or click-through rate and send that version to all remaining subscribers.

The interaction part is all about communication and data processes to help you build strong relationships with customers. 


Tracking helps to track open rate, clicks, undeliverable messages, and other metrics online.

The Admin part in Email Studio is for Administration of Email Studio settings e.g. Account Settings, Sender Profile, Tracking Configuration. Also, it is possible to configure the connection between clouds, the MC Connect is usually set up in the main settings menu not in Email Studio one.


Mobile Studio

With the help of Mobile Studio, you can create and send highly targeted messages. The main aim is to target the audience and automate message delivery. 

Top features:

  • real-time automation;
  • geo-target and segmentation;
  • compatibility with multiple communication types.

In order to send personalized SMS to the desired country, as well as receive SMS from customers with code words, just ask Salesforce to connect this country to the mailing list. It's free but takes some time. I draw your attention to the fact that a different amount of super message is spent on SMS in different countries.


Data Studio

With the help of the Data Studio marketers can have the opportunity to explore new audiences and activate data with integration into other channels. With the

course on Salesforce DMP, you will be able to manage the data hosted in your organization. It helps to achieve your final goal: increase the engagement of your ecosystem towards your products and services. 

Data Studio is an option for marketers usually as it offers some integrations with marketing data sources.





Advertising Studio

A step to digital advertising - it helps to manage the acquisition, retargeting, and alignment campaigns. Create campaigns across Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Google, Linkedin, Instagram, or Pinterest. Moreover, it is possible to create campaigns from Facebook right in your journeys in Journey Builder. That will help you create cross-channel promotions and align your email, mobile, and Facebook advertising.

Generally speaking, in automatic mode, you can fill user segments and send these segments to advertising platforms, create segments of similar users.



Interaction Studio

Interaction Studio helps businesses connect with their customers by:

  • Listening to how customers interact with the business across any channel.
  • Understanding what to do next based on rules set by the business.
  • Acting to provide their customers with the next best experience.

Salesforce Interaction Studio empowers marketers to visualize real-time journey analytics and personalize the consumer experience at scale on all owned channels, both online and offline. With Lifecycle Insights brands can view the macro consumer-led journey and drill-down into touchpoints for deeper touchpoint analysis to see what is working and what needs improvement. 

Real-time offer management allows marketers to deliver the most valuable consumer offer, content, or message when it matters most to the consumer immediately. 

Campaign Orchestration connects messaging and next best actions across all touchpoints while allowing brands to amplify critical messages by pausing less relevant offers, messages, and journeys.



Contact Builder 

Manage data sources in Contact Builder and Audience Builder

The architecture of just about any Salesforce product is built around the customer. The goal is to collect all interactions around one customer record to get the notorious 360-degree view, that is, to be able to see and use all available customer data in different channels and business processes.



Web Studio

You can design and host landing pages in Web Studio. Web Studio also allows you to monitor each customer’s action in real-time and gather insights to improve your future publications.




With Einstein, you can personalize Content Using Einstein AI Tools. The most relevant content for email and landing pages is selected, taking into account user data. You can optimize the email sending time during the most likely opening of the email.



So Marketing Cloud improves marketers’ performance, relationships, and interaction with customers. It can be the right tool of automation for deeply personalized marketing. Marketing Cloud allows you to build communication around a single customer ID, which can be tied to a wide variety of data, from basic email and phone numbers to his behavior on the site.

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