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Learning Path for Salesforce

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Published by JET BI
06 September 2023

Learning Path - Salesforce function


Salesforce has a special function called Learning Path. This function is hardly frequently used in Salesforce CRM, and it appears that few people are aware of it. 

If you want to integrate a learning library within the Salesforce app, Learning Path is fantastic. Users or administrators have the option to assign to a specific user a Trailhead module and set a deadline for completion of the assignment.

Additionally, you may provide links to customised learning or private modules from your company's my trailhead self domain. Users get access to information on the modules that are suggested to them, necessary for them to complete, working on at the moment, and those that have already been completed.

Although it is not frequently utilised by Salesforce developers, this Salesforce function is crucial for helping to enlighten end users about Salesforce. Utilising the Learning Path only requires a few simple actions. Administrators can choose the Salesforce applications and object pages on which the trailhead module will appear as well as which user categories it will be shown for. It’s available for Standard and custom Salesforce Apps. But keep in mind that Salesforce Administrators can only assign modules with quizzes; no practical exercises are allowed. Administrators have the option of assigning the module to all users, a certain subset of users, or none at all. 

After assignment, users can see modules that have been assigned to them  on the Learning Home page. Some screenshots have been attached to this article to give you more insight.


Details are available here in Salesforce Documentation.

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Mary Osobe
Salesforce Certified Administrator
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