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Komunikado release. New features and opportunities to save time

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Published by jetbi
30 November 2022

Many companies that use Salesforce and Atlassian JIRA in their work face a number of issues related to time logging by employees, data not entered into both systems at the same time, forgetfulness, and simply doing it untimely and of poor quality. Employees also put a lot of effort when logging in and start to feel uncomfortable because of this. Kommunikado is a tool to solve that issue. As already described in the article, Komunikado is a product that allows you to save resources and acts as a connector between Salesforce and Atlassian JIRA accounting programs, which in turn leads to a significant reduction in time spent.

Now, we propose to consider what innovations appeared in the updated version of Komunikado. Here are the new following features:

  • Counter of synchronized records;
  • Quick editing of matching records on SF object;
  • Authorization in JIRA in two modes: with Tempo and without it;
  • Implemented transfer of work logs from Jira with and without Tempo.


Let's take a closer look at the information about the new functionality:

  • Implemented a counter of the synced records which are transferred by the Komunikado app.  An administrator can set a max number of records to sync, and he can give premium (unlimited) access to the app.




  • Implemented the mapping records viewing after the page initialization. If you need to edit some mapped records on any SF object, now you don’t need to set all of them, just edit them and click the “Save” button.



  • Implemented JIRA authorization in 2 mods: with Tempo and without Tempo. The default mode is without Tempo, where you need credentials from Jira only. In this case, worklogs will be transferred with Jira API only. If you set “Use Tempo” as true, you can transfer worklogs with Tempo API and log time as the other users.



  • Implemented worklogs transfer from Jira with JIRA API. It allows extracting worklogs from any Jira which has no Tempo App.
  • Updated worklogs transfer to JIRA, implemented 2 mods: with Tempo API and with JIRA API. Tempo mode now uses Tempo API v4.0, to transfer worklogs that were extracted from another Jira without Tempo. And you can transfer worklogs to Jira without Tempo, but all time will be logged on the current authorized user.


As you can see, the product keeps on going and getting more useful and convenient for users. So as a result, the Komunikado release was improved by JETBI Team and now can bring more value to customers using it. If you are interested in please contact us via email or contact form.

Evgeniy Klyukach
Project Manager
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