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Komunikado as a real time saver for Salesforce

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Published by jetbi
24 March 2022

Many companies that use Salesforce and Atlassian JIRA in their work face a number of issues related to time logging by employees, data is not entered into both systems at the same time, forgetfulness, and simply doing it untimely and of poor quality. And also employees spend a lot of effort on logging and start to feel uncomfortable because of this.

In this article JET BI's Project manager and Salesforce consultant describes how critical pain points could be solved by the JET BI internal product. 

Management as a discipline includes a large list of managers' functionality. One of the main goals of management implies a constant efficiency increase and consequently provides improvement of economic, production, organizational and financial efficiency, which results in business growth and the achievement of financial goals.

One of the key processes in management is control, while this function can take up to 40% of the total working time spent. The issue of monitoring the efficiency of working time used by employees is quite acute, especially in 2020 after the transfer of many employees to remote work. To solve this problem, various methods and tools are used by managers by controlling the time spent by employees. But different interacting companies may use a wide range of applications controlling working hours, and such a method could be inefficient when an employee fills out reports on the work done. Actually, it could lead to the fact that the employee will have to fill out different forms for recording working hours twice or more times overall, in the contractor's company and in the customer's company, that determines the question of using working hours effectiveness by the employee.

To solve this issue, JET BI proposed a solution as a connector between SalesForce and Atlassian JIRA accounting programs, named  “Komunikado”. 

Thus, the Komunikado product helps to reduce the amount of time used for recording working hours, transferring tasks and logs from one accounting system to another.

In this article, I’d like to propose a number of figures that were obtained during the study of the problem within the JET BI company.

On average, an employee spends up to 30 minutes a day logging time in one accounting system. However, the process of transferring tasks, logs, messages to another accounting system doubles the time and it could reach 60 minutes per day, which could reach 10.5 hours according to the results of research during the month. Imagine that at the end of the year this figure could be 126 working hours, paid to the employee by the employer. Now you can easily calculate the load for the company if a team of 2, 3, 5, or more employees work on such projects. Economic efficiency falls, profit from the project decreases, costs rise*

As for technical features:

- synchronization in both directions of records from Salesforce® to Atlassian JIRA® issues, comments, attachments, a full log of data sync for audit and troubleshooting, 100%® native managed package;

- flexible configuration of field and object mapping, custom objects and fields support;

- independent scheduling and mapping for each Atlassian JIRA® Project\Salesforce® Object.

As for advantages:

- increased team productivity, for this point, as an example was given an internal survey at JET BI;

- software licenses cost efficiency;

- fully native on®;

- fast and secure implementation;

- customizable for unique needs.

Thus, we see that the Komunikado product is a universal connector between two common software environments used by many organizations, its installation, and usage help to optimize and reduce the use of working time for logging, which decreases costs both in the short and long term.

Komunikado will be available on the nearest future. Stay tuned!

Evgeniy Klukach
Project Manager
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