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Komunikado New Release. Jira and Trello Integration

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Published by jetbi2
02 June 2023

The Komunikado app is a JET BI product for data sync between Atlassian JIRA and Salesforce organizations to enhance all the communication and work processes among the team. It is well suited for the mass sending of task data to JIRA. The latest update of the Komunikado project is made to simplify the use of the application and obtain the results of the synchronization process. In addition, the application is also integrated with Trello using the API. Trello is a site used to monitor current tasks and time, very similar to JIRA. Thus, Komunikado will allow data exchange between JIRA and Trello.

Some features are implemented in the new version of the Komunikado package:

  • Daily sync results reporting by email;
  • More effective exceptions debugging in Sync History;
  • JIRA tokens encryption in Advanced Settings Editor;
  • Integration with Trello service.


Let's take a closer look at the new functionality and its advantages:

1. The results of every sync operation are stored in Batch State object records. Users can open this table in Show Sync History, and view the info about launch time, end time, and result message on any job. After the last update, you can also schedule daily sending these records by email to any user. This can be useful for those who do not have the opportunity to enter the organization in person to check the table data.



2. Error handling has also been improved. Now messages have become more likely to indicate a more specific cause of the error, which is understandable to an ordinary user. Previously, the messages contained fragments of Stack Trace, such as "Argument cannot be null", which does not help to understand its cause. Now the probability of unidentified errors has been greatly reduced.


3. Added the ability to encrypt tokens from the Jira organization to securely store them in a JSON file used to configure Komunikado settings via the Advanced Settings Editor. The user has the opportunity to copy the token into a hidden input field, and then receive an encrypted string with this token. The same string can get many different encrypted variants, but all of them will lead to the same initial result when decrypted.




4. And one of the recent developments in Komunikado is integration with the Trello platform using the API. The authorization mechanism in Trello is similar to authorization in JIRA. The user must receive the key and token in his Trello profile, and enter them into the authorization form.


After that, he will have access to a list of Workspaces where he can synchronize data. The current version allows synchronization for Board records only.




This implementation allows you to synchronize data about Boards with the Trello organization and store them in any Salesforce object.

In the future, we plan to expand the functionality of Komunikado to make possible more flexible data synchronization with JIRA and Trello. The project continues to improve and bring more value to customers’ business processes. So, If you are interested please contact us via email or contact form.

Aleksandr Zherebilo
Certified Salesforce Developer
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