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Komunikado Application Version 1.4: Improved Data Processing

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Published by jetbi
03 August 2023

Komunikado App is used for data synchronization between Jira® and Salesforce® organizations. The main advantage of this application is the ability to automate the processing of a large amount of data, as well as to set the daily execution of these processes at a certain time of the day. 

There are some important improvements that are implemented in version 1.4 of the Komunikado App:

  • Added the check box “BREAK AFTER ERROR” to the schedule synchronization page.
  • The process of handling mass records has been improved, and more informative descriptions for error messages have been added to the synchronization history.
  • Added the ability to use any type of field to upload data from JIRA.

Let’s take a closer look at the updates and their advantages:

1. Breaking processes after error now can be controlled. A "Break After Error" checkbox has been added to the schedule synchronization page. If this checkbox is active, then after an error occurs, the entire data transfer process will be immediately stopped in the "error" status. The user can view the error message by clicking on the "Synchronization history" button. If the checkbox is not active, then the data transfer will not be broken after an error occurs.


2. Mass data records handling improved. Now if a user needs to send a lot of records to JIRA®, he no longer needs to worry that one error will break the whole process. After this improvement, all entries from the scope will be processed anyway. And the errors that occur will be collected and published in the synchronization history row.


3. Added availability to map a Picklist Salesforce field with any JIRA® field. In previous versions, a user could use only a restricted set as a field type (String, Date, Datetime, Double, Integer), but when he needs to map any field with Picklist, it’s never populated after synchronization. Now it is possible.


Also, users can configure a set of available field types using Custom Setting “JIRA® Object Types”.


Thus, the updates in the current version are designed to improve the process of automatic processing of a large number of records. Previously, the Komunikado application was used with the expectation that there would be no errors in the process that could interrupt the operation. Now, a much more convenient error-handling mechanism has been implemented to eliminate their recurrence. 

Get a Komunikado demo and use this application for faster processing of a large amount of data in JIRA®.

Aleksandr Zherebilo
Certified Salesforce Developer

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