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Published by jetbi
29 July 2021

It often happens that for a successful result ahead, it is necessary to look back. We are proud that analyzing the work done earlier on JET BI product solutions, we see tremendous efforts and a long list of achievements. Throughout our history, we have developed more than 15 product solutions, some of which are already helping our customers, while the others are successfully resolving our internal needs.

In 2021, we determined for ourselves that the product development direction of JET BI will be strengthened, and the resources used will focus on the most promising solutions. In order to determine our focus, a retrospective process was launched four months ago to analyze already created products. As part of this process, the achieved goals and current functionality were revised, pitching sessions were held for each of the products (it is pleasant to note that most of the pitches were accompanied by productive debates), the strengths and weaknesses of the products were identified both separately and in the general product approach of the company. Based on a retrospective analysis, a wrap-up vote was held on the products. According to the voting results, the focus points of JET BI were determined. In addition to functional metrics, such as “the amount of time a manager is willing to spend on product work” and “the amount of investment that an employee is willing to invest in product promotion” were taken into account in the voting. These metrics were one of the key ones, in view of the fact that we adhered to the simple, but the extremely useful principle “the more interesting the tasks for a person, the better his result”.

The voting results were logical and, in a sense, expected, but thanks to the experience and expertise gained, now we can confidently focus on the solutions that received the highest final score. Also, It is important that in order to achieve a positive result, it is necessary to think critically about your work and try to objectively mark your pros/cons. The retrospective conducted allowed us to identify what elements hold back potential product development and identify steps to eliminate these disadvantages, and also highlighted the advantages, that will continue to be strengthened by the efforts of our employees.

Let me briefly describe Products that got the highest score in the final voting:

BID4GOOD - a corporate service for online auctions. Using this service, the company can create charity auctions, where employees can bid, bid own lots, and choose where their donations will go. For JET BI, Bid4Good has become not just a team-building tool, but also a great opportunity to make the world a little bit better.

Parking Cloud - Cloud-based native application that ensures intelligent usage of parking space. The application allows you to reduce the time for searching for parking, increases the efficiency of using a parking space, quickly detects violations of parking rules, provides a new channel for advertising, and also show all information on the use of parking inconvenient reports and dashboards

Smart Shelf -  solution for consumable supply management. A special shelf monitors changes in the weight of resources on it, the application sends notifications about the status of objects on the shelf, and the cloud stores and displays information on the dynamics of supply used in the form of convenient reports and dashboards. Soon, the app will be able to make predictive recommendations to users. Also in development is the addition of Computer Vision technologies for more accurate tracking and analytics of consumed supplies. 

Starting today, the JET BI team is focusing on these three products. Despite the fact that an excellent result has already been achieved by these decisions, we are not going to stop. Even more analysis, even more ideas for improving the user experience, even more, functional improvements, even more, satisfied people! Now, we are taking a new step towards achieving more complex goals and we invite you to join this journey with us.

P.S. Despite the fact that the focus has been determined, we are not going to abandon the rest of the product solutions, since these solutions are already helping real users. For those products that were not included in the top three, we continue to provide support and set up personal customization for our customers.

In the attached presentation, you can get acquainted with a brief summary of the analysis results of JET BI products. If you are interested in learning more about JET BI products, please contact us or e-mail We would be very interested in talking to you. 

Artiom Turovec
Project Manager

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