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JET BI Group: new office and plans for the future

About Us
Published by jetbi
01 August 2022

JET BI Group is a group of companies with offices in Western and Central Europe (Dublin, Lviv), the main focus is creating business solutions by using the most innovative technologies based on the leading corporate platforms Salesforce and SAP. JET BI Group develops its own solutions and accelerators, provides services such as Salesforce implementation, custom development, product development, QA, UI/UX design, and strives for its customers’ success. 

At the end of April 2022, a decision was made to move the headquarter of JET BI Group to Warsaw. "We help our employees who have encountered difficulties while moving. Currently, most of the Salesforce department team has already relocated to Poland and Georgia. This decision was not easy for the team, but we believe and know that the company will successfully continue its operations and growth", said the co-founder and Head of the Salesforce department Andrey Bosak. 

The company continues to provide a full range of services and expands it. In plans to publish the Komunikado app (JIRA-Salesforce integration) on Appexchange this year, enhance an office in Warsaw, conduct Salesforce Development courses and expand DEV and QA teams.


If you are interested in Salesforce implementation or other JET BI Group services please contact us at


Anna Mayorova
Marketing Specialist
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Once all preparations are in place, we will initiate the project and move forward with the planned tasks