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JET BI & Eternity project: AI cloning of employees and new Salesforce integration experience

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Published by JET BI
11 April 2024


It's no secret that AI technologies and AI solutions are already actively gaining importance in our daily lives as well as in business. This has created a huge competition among companies and today organizations are trying to implement innovative solutions to stay competitive. One such solution that is gaining momentum is the integration of AI clones, also known as digital twins, into various business processes. 

In this article, we will explore the growing importance of AI-clones, delve into the ethical aspects of their integration, and highlight their importance in enhancing the customer experience, particularly in Salesforce consulting. In addition, we will also share how the employee cloning process goes at Jet BI.

The growing importance of AI clone in business

AI-clones are gaining popularity among innovative solutions and few companies are ready to implement it into their business processes quickly and easily. However, clones are potentially a powerful tool for businesses across industries that offer a lot of benefits, including personalized customer service, improved operational efficiency and predictive maintenance. Using AI-twins, organizations can optimize processes and reduce risk, ultimately gaining a competitive advantage in the market.

When we ask why companies are drawn to AI-clones and what worries them, the very first question that arises is about privacy and ethics. Since integrating AI-clones involves dealing with huge amounts of sensitive data and copying personal characteristics. Here, it is important to consider that companies need to ensure full control over their AI-twins, while retaining the right to deactivate them at its discretion or at the request of employees.

At Salesforce Consulting, integrating AI-powered solutions is becoming increasingly relevant and important for companies looking to improve the customer experience. Companies that are independently using Salesforce-integrated AI clones and deploying them to their customers are unlocking new opportunities for personalisation, efficiency and engagement throughout the customer journey. 

The future is clones - Jet BI has cloned its employees

Let's explore the implementation of AI clones into Jet BI thanks to collaboration with start-up company Eternity. This collaboration embarked on a groundbreaking project to clone employees' expertise and knowledge. The cloning process was quite involved, requiring thorough preparation of information regarding the skills, knowledge, and insights of Jet BI employees. 

We asked our employees: “What do you think, which perspectives clones offer?”

“It’s interesting how clones ai can make our work easier and attract the right audience. Clones will help automate some tasks, enhance productivity, digital customer experience and ensure consistency in delivering high-quality services,” - said Head QA department Natalia Yurkevich.

Image: Natalia Yurkevich clone 

“Clones can serve as avatars representing me when I’m unavailable, potentially transforming communication and presence in virtual spaces,”- said HR Director Ruslan Krapivin.

Image: Ruslan Krapivin clone

“Integrating clones ai into sales and consulting processes for partners and potential clients can provide personalized assistance and support, ensuring continuity and accessibility even when an employee is unavailable,” - said Salesforce developer Evgeniy Korovin.

Image: Evgeniy Korovin clone

Each team member took their time to meticulously craft a clone in the Eternity system, ensuring that all their professional details were accurately uploaded. Now, employees have embarked on the journey of training and testing their AI-twins, with the anticipation of introducing them to the sites as soon as possible.


Digital AI clones integration opens up exciting opportunities for leveraging Salesforce solutions. With these clones, we can offer enhanced personalized support and consultancy services to our clients. 

For instance, digital clones can provide real-time assistance to clients, answering queries, providing guidance on using Salesforce tools effectively, and troubleshooting issues. This instant access to support resources will streamline our clients' workflows and ensure they get the most out of their Salesforce implementation.

Would you like to find out how digital clones can benefit your business, or want to explore other exciting opportunities? Send a request on our website today

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