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Introduction to Field Service Lightning

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19 March 2019

What is Field Service Lightning?

Field Service Lightning is a Salesforce solution designed to meet the specific needs of Field Service businesses (for both B2C&B2B markets), providing service to the customers directly onsite, including Call Center accepting and dispatching orders to field service specialists who use smartphones to manage tasks outside the office.

Field Service Lightning is available for customers since 2016.

FSL should be installed as a Managed Package together with Mobile app package. Field Service Lightning mobile app for Technicians is available for Android and iOS platforms.

Introduction to Field Service Lightning

How this product addresses common pain points of Field Service Solutions?

Pains of Agents/Dispatchers:

  • Lack of analytics
  • Difficulties of coordinating and scheduling technicians 
  • Siloed Teams and Processes
  • No visibility into customer data

Pains of Technician teams:

  • Low first-time fix rate
  • Lack of visibility
  • Underutilized resources
  • Missed revenue opportunities
  • No Mobile Capabilities for Field Techs
  • No real-time visibility
  • Disconnected from CRM
  • Poor documentation of work completed

Pain points of Clients:

  • Long wait time
  • Unresolved repairs
  • Reduced CSAT(Customer Satisfaction Score) 
  • High service costs
  • Misaligned skills and timing
  • Poor charge processes

Main features of Field Service Lightning

Main features of Field Service Lightning

1 .Work Order Management. Installed FSL Managed Package enriches the data model with new objects, such as Work Order, Service Appointment, Assets, Maintenance Plans, etc. The combination of these objects allows to efficiently track repairs, standard maintenance or other work in the field. Work Orders can be generated from such objects as accounts, contacts, assets, cases, etc. 
FSL allows managing 3rd party field service employees - contractors. The most convenient feature is the possibility to schedule contractors on the same platform, dispatch in-house, and contract workers from one view, to grant mobile access to contractors, to empower contractors to cross-sell and to upsell, to create opportunities and to quote while on site.

2. Intelligent Scheduling and Work dispatching. Schedule Optimization gives the ability to set work rules, service objectives and assign work based on a set group of criteria (skills, availability, location, etc.) 
Dispatcher Console is available as a map or a Gannt chart and allows to manage and monitor technicians' workload from the one place in real-time.

3. Advanced Asset Management. Presence of such objects as Asset, Maintenance plans makes it possible to track information about products that customers use, including information in case customers have installed a competitive product. Preventative maintenance plans may be created to plan, schedule and track recurring work on one platform.

4. Field Technician Mobility via Field Service Mobile App. Technicians got an opportunity to access and update critical information on-site with the App, such as Work Orders, schedules, customer information, etc. A great advantage is that mobile application is also available offline. 

5. Another important advantage of the mobile application is the ability to generate service reports onsite, capture customer signatures right on the work order. 

6. Inventory management. It is possible to track inventory levels, scan equipment barcodes and update inventory.

7. Real-time reporting and Analytics. Reporting, Dashboarding and analytics capabilities allow to monitor performance and gain insight across the service and operation data, gain visibility into agents, dispatchers, technicians and partner performance from a single platform.

Core values of Field Service Lightning

End to End Service. The Solution which allows monitoring the whole Work Order lifecycle from the order creation, scheduling, dispatching to work performance, invoicing, and reporting. A lot of additional data, that usually was out of reach to most organizations, can be captured and analyzed.

Complete functionality out of the box. Availability of clear step-by-step documentation allows implementing the solution in shorter terms with lower costs. Configured out of the box FSL can be immediately deployed and used by the customer. 

Constantly developing Roadmap. Presence of FSL product in Salesforce portfolio provides access to the regular releases three times per year. That means that the newest freshest Hi-tech features will be constantly added to the system.

Ability to strengthen the solution with other Salesforce products. Huge Value in FSL is running on the same platform and object model as Service Cloud. Field Service Lightning together with Service Cloud, Omni-channel and LiveMessage features will allow to be in touch with customers across most available digital channels, including Live Chat, SMS, Facebook, Web-to-Case, Email-to-Case forms, etc. and provide personal communication, which in turn could play a big role in boosting customer retention and word-of-mouth marketing among your biggest clients.

Numerous partner solutions from AppExchange

Due to existing solutions presented on AppExchange FSL gets additional functionality and can work even more efficiently for every single business case.

Numerous partner solutions from AppExchange


Salesforce Field Service Lightning meets specific needs of field service businesses and contains features, which allow to increase the productivity of agents, dispatchers, technicians and reduce the company's costs of implementation and support.
Want to learn more about real business cases on Field Service Lightning implementation and customization? Go to our Success Story section.

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