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Improve your marketing impact with Virtual Reality

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Published by jetbi
18 May 2021

Real Estate companies use different channels to advertise properties and face a lot of challenges. It isn't easy to manage diverse data and improve marketing ROI. A Virtual Reality tour is a crucial touchpoint in customer journey management and a tool for putting data to work. The immersive solution allows collecting behavioral insights - for example, main points of interest, VR visitors' actions, movements, decisions made - that any other channel cannot deliver. Moreover, connecting sales and marketing data speeds up the decision-making process and lets the business respond to customers at the moment with the right offer. SalesforceⓇ Marketing Cloud integration opens a lot of possibilities such as customer segmentation, data-driven decisions, automation. By acquiring such a solution, companies can:

  1. Optimize marketing spend;
  2. Have a strategic view of marketing performance;
  3. Personalize customer experience;
  4. Engage with the buyers;
  5. Grow revenue and enhance campaign KPI performance. 

How does Virtual Reality CRM solution improve work with data? All the customers’ information from the virtual session is collected and stored in SalesforceⓇ so that it possible to study VR experience data with a dashboard. 


Marketers discover valuable insights such as the most attractive locations to the customers, the preferred interior and design elements.


Real Estate companies can leverage a marketing analytics platform and enhance data processing. Marketing Cloud allows marketers to deliver strategic decisions based on identified customers’ insights rather than collecting and compiling data from different channels.

As a result, the customers get more personalized offers focused on their interests. 


Marketers can add extra bonuses and discounts within the personalized message to induce customers to act and buy. With an easy drag and drop instrument in the Content Builder, an email looks more appealing to the customers as the colors used in the template are the same as the buyer chose during the virtual session. You can attach a design created by the VR visitor to evoke positive memories about the virtual experience.  

The Virtual Reality CRM solution helps create real-time relevant communication with customers while staying tuned to their preferences and acting based on the data collected in the system. It is a tool to measure marketing ROI and gain support from leadership. If you are interested in aligning processes and VR technology, request a demo now. 

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