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How to schedule Flow Monthly in Salesforce

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Published by jetbi
19 March 2021


Sometimes managers need to schedule Salesforce flows on monthly basis to review existing processes in the enterprise and create business strategies for the future. Unfortunately, for now, there is a limitation in Salesforce, you can schedule a Flow only once, daily or weekly. Often business needs are focused on the long-term perspective so the task to schedule Salesforce Flow monthly appears quite often. Have your admins ever wondered how to do it?


Here is a solution JET BI Salesforce Admins and Consultants use when such a need arises. Here we go.


1) Firstly, you should create a custom setting, where you will need to create a new custom setting and create a new Custom Field (Data Type - Number (2,0)).





2) Secondly, you should choose an object’s record that will trigger the Flow.
In our case, this is an Opportunity. On Opportunity, we should create a new custom field (Formula boolean).



This formula will be set to TRUE when our value in custom settings will be equal DAY(TODAY)
Formula: DAY(TODAY())= $Setup.Bonus_Manager__c.Start_Flow_Date__c


3)After creating your Flow, you should Set a Schedule Daily, and choose Opportunity with Monthly_Schedule__c = TRUE





You can use this solution in any business case when you need to schedule flow monthly. In our case, we used the logic to calculate bonuses on a monthly basis.


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