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How to Prevent Negative Emotions in the User Experience

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14 April 2020

Have you ever thought that nearly 88% of customers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience. Quite impressive numbers, huh?

User Experience Design (UX design) is aimed to  improve the satisfaction of your website visitors by making your site more usable and accessible to interact with. Let dive into the 'ins and outs' of the successful and attractive UX.

There are two main problems of modern design: its complexity and the rapid development of technologies. Probably everyone has faced things that are difficult to interpret. In most cases, people are given to blame themselves for not understanding the point. But what actually happens is called bad design. 

We would like to refer to great writings about design such as "The Psychology of Everyday Things" and “The emotional design. Why we love (or hate) everyday things”. These books tell us about uncomfortable things that need to be changed because uncomfortable things are not the problem of a user, but it is a problem of design. On the other hand, the constant technologies' development makes the designer’s work more difficult: it is getting harder to create new user-friendly products. No matter how revolutionary the technology is, if the device is difficult to use, it is useless.

A well-designed product doesn’t require any preliminary investigation before a user starts making use of it.  

Nevertheless, some products are so difficult to use, that we need to read instructions, waste our time and energy on understanding how to properly apply. A really good product doesn't need it. Let's take an example. You do not have any problems with the door opening and closing, have you?

How to Prevent Negative Emotions

Human psychology is a great hint for design. 

There are 3 levels of design: Intuitive (breathing), Behavioral (reflexes) and Thinking (complex planning and problem-solving). It is important to take into account all 3 levels, so the user will not face any interaction problems, because everything is clearly and naturally.

When speaking about our experience, it is necessary to put yourself in the place of the user, you can't make a good product without it. Since the designer sees everything in his own way and is guided by his own principles, the user may not understand it and click the wrong button, for example.

How to Prevent Negative Emotions

If you want to fix a bad design, you need to find the root of the problem. 

There are projects where everything is clear and logical, but the customer asked to redesign it because it was not clear to him how to use it. Do not hesitate to ask for opinions from other people, cause you can lose the sharpness of vision and sometimes you are not able to find any mistakes and problems.

Successful products require the patience and cooperation of marketers and designers.

Successful products require the patience and cooperation of marketers and designers. 

An outstanding and user-friendly design is not enough for a successful product. Designers need to closely work with other company departments.  

Designers tend to suggest a lot of interesting, trendy and modern ideas, assuming that the end-user will definitely appreciate them. However, this is not always true. It could come to pass, that the developer is not able to do this, because it will require a huge amount of resources. As you know, they are always limited on a project. So there are also marketers, who won 't see anything catchy about the design. 

For the product success, designers and marketers should come to an agreement. The product must be of sufficient quality for the designer and profitable enough for marketers.

Another essential aspect is to provide

Another essential aspect is to provide an opportunity to leave feedback. Users should let producers know about the problem so they can improve product design in the future. Communicate with people and ask them about their opinion on your design.

Remember: there is never a 100% correct opinion in design. Do not be afraid of experimenting and engage with internal team as well as with the customer to get a brilliant and impressive result.

How to Prevent Negative Emotions in the User Experience

Julia Solomenko
Senior Project Manager
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